Heartwarming: Kinnikuman Nisei

  • After defeating Mantaro at the finals, Kevin Mask and Mantaro congratulate and praise each other for the war in a display of good sportmanship. May not seem much at first, until Kevin's post-fight monologue before that moment, he was planning to slap Mantaro with the belt. It really highlights both how much Character Development Kevin got, and how he grew to respect Mantaro.
  • Hanzo is fighting Gepparland for one of Meat's body pieces, and getting trashed. Hanzo then is approached by The Ninja's spirit. Bear in mind that he was killed by Hanzo and Hanzo murdered his student before that. Hanzo thinks he's here to laugh at this suffering. Ninja's response?
    The Ninja: Laugh? Why would I laugh...at the suffering of a fellow hero?
    Hanzo: Fellow...hero...? But...I killed you and your student with those hands...
    The Ninja: I no longer harbor any ill will towards you. No matter how wicked you once were...you're now giving your last breath, your last drop of blood to save humanity. We're friends, Hanzo!
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