Heartwarming / Kingdom Hearts coded


  • The time when Data-Sora said "thank you" to Data-Naminé. Just like the real Sora promised the real Naminé and that the fact that Data-Sora is the one to do it and not the real one doesn't make it any less poignant.
  • Coded and Blank points. Just knowing that those who've fallen haven't been abandoned, least of all by Sora.
    • When Data-Roxas merges with Data-Sora, the latter feels the former's pain. His response?
      Data-Sora: Rest easy... Your hurt can be mine now.
  • Any scene with Donald and Goofy working together with Data-Sora. It's just been so long since the last time they were a trio, and even they know it.
  • Mickey reveals he was in Traverse Town when Sora originaly arrived there. Pluto hears a whistle — the whistle of his master — and dives into a portal of Darkness after him. Talk about loyalty to your master — Pluto doesn't know what is inside this portal, or what it will do to him, but he still does it.