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Heartwarming: Kingdom Hearts coded
  • The time when Data-Sora said "thank you" to Data-Naminé. The fact that Data-Sora is the one to do it and not the real one doesn't make it any less poignant.
  • "Rest easy. Your hurt can be mine now."
  • Coded and Blank points. Just knowing that those who've fallen haven't been abandoned, least of all by Sora.
    • When Data-Roxas merges with Data-Sora, the latter feels the former's pain. His response?
      Data-Sora: Rest easy... Your hurt can be mine now.
    • And at the very end of the game, he has one last thing to say to Data-Naminé, after the final round of exposition. Something that we've been waiting to hear Sora say since Chain of Memories.
      Data-Sora: I almost forgot. I have a message for you, too. Thank you.

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