Heartwarming / Kimi ni Todoke

This series is practically overflowing with Heartwarming Moments.

1st Season

  • Episode 3: Kazehaya telling Sawako how much she inspires him.
    Kazehaya: Haven't you realized it yet? Yano and Yoshida, Hirano and Endo...they were all moved by you trying your best. Haven't you realized? It's you who's moving me.
  • Episode 6:
    • The episode starts out with a flashback of Sawako in elementary, middle, and high school, showing the slow evolution of how she came to be shunned and feared by her classmates. In the first flashback, some children are playing when suddenly Sawako shows up behind them and plaintively calls out, "Can I play?" The kids are all startled by her sudden appearance. Given how Sawako is treated now, and how heartless schoolchildren usually are in these stories, the viewer is likely expecting them to respond cruelly…making it all the more heartwarming when they cheerfully say, "Oh, so you were here, Sawako-chan. Sure, you can join in."
    • Sawako's reconciliation with Chizuru and Ayane
      Chizuru: Did you know? Without realizing it, we were already friends! We were already friends, Sadako!
  • Episode 7: Sawako hangs out with friends after school for the first time, and walks home alone with Kazehaya.
  • Episode 13:
    Kazehaya: There might be times that I won't be able to help you from now on. If I can't, I'm sorry. Kuronuma, I don't think that I'm the type of person you think I am. I'm selfish, I'm really self-centered.
    Sawako: That's okay. I don't care if you're selfish or self-centered. You don't have to do anything for me. It's all right.
  • Episodes 14 & 15: Sawako helping Kurumi, in spite of her prior nastiness, come to term with her feelings, and their relationship evolving into a more Friendly Enemy type.
  • Episode 21
    • Comfort me, Ryu.
    • Chizu's whole conversation with Toru before this is extremely heartwarming, showcasing what a Nice Guy he actually is and giving Chizu an opportunity to accept his engagement and even congratulate him.

2nd Season

  • Episode 5: Ayane and Chizuru confronting Sawako about her Heroic Self-Deprecation and telling her what she needed to hear the most.
    Ayane: You know, Sawako...our first impression of you was gloomy and out of place, too. But now, we know how cute and sweet you are. We love you. And it's because you mustered up your courage and fought hard to defend us. You, us, Kazehaya...there's no difference between any of us. Not unless you believe there is.
  • Episode 8: Ryu giving Chizuru her birthday present while on his daily jog.
  • Episode 9: Sawako finally finds Kazehaya in the classroom and musters enough courage to confess her love to him.
    Sawako: My whole life, all I've ever received from other people are apologies. So when you smiled and thanked me that first day, it made me happier than I'd ever been. Despite that, I've been doing the complete opposite of what you've done for me. And that's why, this time...I want to give you more than an apology. Thank you for smiling at me. Thank you for talking to me. Thank you for being nice to me. Thank you for introducing me to so many new feelings...
    Kazehaya: Kuro-
    Sawako: I like you! I like you! I like you! I like you! I like you! I like you!
    The next scene: Kazehaya opens the door, and pulls her in so that he can embrace her.
  • Episode 10. Every single moment of it.
    Kazehaya: It's just like a dream. I've finally reached you.
  • Episode 11: Kazehaya officially going steady with Sawako.
    Kazehaya: Please go out with me! I'll always take care of you.
    • Soon after that, Ayane using her Manipulative Bitch quality to make sure the entire school gets it, before rumors and tales of bewitching can take hold.
    Ayane: (to Kazehaya) Then maybe you should make it clear to everyone. Who is Sawako to you?
    (several beats of every gathered student waiting with bated breath for his answer, Sawako included)
    Kazehaya: (without hesitation) My girlfriend.
    Sawako: (squeaks) Girlfriend!?
  • Episode 12
    • Kurumi defending Sawako from Yuka and her friends, as well Chizuru and Ayane confronting them later on.
    • Kurumi thanking Sawako for being her rival.
    • Ayane comforting Kurumi, and Kent's remark afterward that Ayane is a kind person.
    • Ryu takes Pin's advice to heart and confesses to Chizuru. Her reaction to it is priceless.
    • I'll always treasure him. I'll always treasure this. I'll always...treasure this.
    • Sawako and Kazehaya's date during the credits.
    Sawako: I don't know the first thing about being a good girlfriend, but-
    Kazehaya: Kuronuma, it's not a job. It's not a job. Just be yourself.
    Sawako: (tears up) I'm so happy, almost too happy, that sometimes I wish time would pass even faster. Faster. So that being with you would become something normal.
    Kazehaya: (hugs Sawako) Don't wish for something so wasteful. I'm sorry. I always thought that only I had feelings for you and not the other way around and that I was the only one who felt such happiness.


  • Chapter 44: We finally learn when Kazehaya started to fall in love with Sawako.
  • Chapter 45:
    • Ayane confesses to Pin that she doesn't think of herself as a kind person compared to her friends because of how cunning she can be, and dreads another full-of-himself lecture from a surprisingly quiet Pin, who instead stares at a candy Ayane gave him because he was whining about not getting one after the festival. Then, Pin literally pats Ayane on the head and reassures her that she is kind before walking up the stairs, leaving Ayane (and the readers) speechless that Pin could actually have a Pet the Dog moment.
    • Chizuru shares one with Ryu when she answers him what his strong points are.
    Chizuru: You're kind, you're honest, you're caring, and you're patient.
  • Chapter 46: Sawako and Kazehaya's first date. Every single part of it.
  • Chapter 48: On the way to her house, Sawako attempts to hold Kazehaya's hand, which takes Kazehaya by surprise. Embarrassed, she apologizes to him and asks him not to hate her. They begin to walk again, this time with Kazehaya's hand holding Sawako's.
  • Chapter 49:
    • With Kazehaya finally meeting Sawako's parents, he and Sawako wait for dinner in her room. As they sit on both the opposite ends of her table, Kazehaya thinks on how far she has changed from being so shy and the earlier incident of Sawako attempting to hold his hand and asking him not to hate her. He then surprises Sawako by saying this:
    Kazehaya: There's no way I'll ever hate you...
    • Another one happens when Sawako's father approves of Kazehaya dating his daughter.
    Mr. Kuronuma: Why does it have to be Sawako? Can't you do this kind of thing with other girls?
    Kazehaya: No. It can only be your daughter.
  • Chapter 50: How Chizuru and Ayane became friends.
  • Chapter 52: Near the end of the chapter, both Sawako and Shota tell each other when they started to fall for the other.
  • Chapter 53: Sawako and Shota finally call each other by their first names. They immediately become too flustered to study because of it.
  • Chapter 59:
    • Kent hugging Ayane after she breaks down crying realizing that she never loved her now ex-boyfriend Mogi.
    • Ryu finally confessing to their love interest.
    Chizu: I yelled at you last night. Doesn't that bother you?
    Ryu: Mhm. It made me happy to see that you're interested in who I like...The person I have always liked is you.
  • Chapters 62 and 63, whilst also quite sad, ultimately showcase just how much Chizu and Ryu really care about each other (and always have).
  • Chapter 66: Kent telling Kazehaya about his feelings for Ayane, and becoming totally distraught after hearing about her past relationship.
  • Chapter 68: Ryu and Chizu share a silent moment as he stops her from running away (this spans to the next chapter).
  • Chapter 69
  • Chapter 70: full of this, seriously.
    • Kent PWND and berated Mogi, because of Mogi's inability to comprehend Ayane's state of emotion.
    • Pin does what a teacher should do again; he separates them, also taking the blame for his injury when a hotel staff asked. HSQ may very well ensue.
    • Mogi finally realises his mistakes and honestly apologises to Ayane and confessed again.
    • Kent gives Ayane the bouquet Joe stepped on and finally confesses, and she accepts it after she saw his seriousness.
  • Chapter 71: The very first page shows Kent and Ayane hugging, whilst the second page shows Chizu and Ryuu side by side full of UST. The last four pages TOP EM ALL.
  • Chapter 75: The entire party is made of heartwarming, with everyone genuinely having a good time after their recent drama.
  • Kurumi keeps repeating that she "has a bad personality", only for Sawako to keep refuting it to the point where Sawako just finally yells "You don't have a bad personality!" with emotion that surprises ever Kurumi.
  • Chapter 88: Chizu and Ryu finally, finally, seem to get together, complete with a pretty remarkable first kiss.
  • Chapter 89:
    • Sawako and Kurumi's rather amicable interactions. They've certainly come a long way.
    • The chapter starts with Chizu and Ryu asleep together. She's lying on his lap.
  • Chapter 95: Ayane and Kent break up on good terms. Ayane is the one who wants to end their relationship but is still worried about Kent, and while Kent does still love her he also shows little qualms in
  • Chapter 106: Feeling guilty when Sawako's mum raves about her daughter finally making friends and how nice they are, Kurumi tearfully apologises to Sawako for spreading the rumours about her. Sawako, of course, forgives her.