Heartwarming / Kill Bill

  • The ending, of course with The Bride united with her daughter at last.
    • The credits, even:
    Uma Thurman
    Beatrix Kiddo
    AKA The Bride
    AKA Black Mamba
    AKA Mommy
    • The Bride's reaction to finding out her daughter is alive is a major one too. "Overjoyed" is putting it mildly.
    • "The Lioness Has Rejoined Her Cub. All is well in the jungle."
  • This exchange, after The Bride performs the Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique on Bill:
    Bill: Pai Mei taught you...the Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique?
    The Bride: (tearfully) 'Course he did.
    Bill: Why didn't you tell me?
    The Bride: I don't know...because I'm a bad person.
    Bill: (tenderly) No. You're not a bad person. You're a terrific person. You're my favorite person. But every once in a while, you can be a real cunt. (The Bride laughs and cries; he wipes blood from his mouth and sits up straighter) How do I look?
    The Bride: You look ready. (Bill stands up, takes six steps, collapses and dies)
  • The inscription on Budd's sword: "To My Brother Budd, The Only Man I Ever Loved - Bill"
    • Budd has two moments in this film which show that, even though he acts tough and indifferent to his big brother Bill, he still loved him. The first example being the sword that Bill gave him as a present; we see that he kept it all along, he just lied to Bill to make him cringe over the thought of hawking a priceless Hattori Hanzo sword for a mere $250. The second example is shown when he's about to bury the Bride alive via Texas Funeral. He didn't smirk, he didn't make any smartass remark...he just looked at her solemnly and said...
      "This is for breaking my brother's heart."
    • That just says it all. Budd could have said anything he wanted, and he thought of his brother first. Budd, you old softie.
  • "Oh, and for the record, letting someone think that someone they love is dead when they're not is quite cruel."
  • When O-Ren begs The Bride for forgiveness for having ridiculed her swordsmanship. Forgiveness The Bride generously grants, before they resume their duel to the death.
    • And the implication that O-Ren's apologizing for a lot more than that... viewers can see that O-Ren and The Bride have a good camaraderie together back during the DVAS enough for the latter to kill O-Ren first.
    • This is further evinced by their little exchange invoking the "Trix" cereal tagline, a little private joke the two shared based on The Bride's yet to be revealed real name.

  • During the Bride's training montage flashback, she's trying to eat with broken hands, and drops her chopsticks to use her hands. Pai Mei throws her food away in punishment - but then pushes his own meal across the table for her to eat. Pai Mei may be a cruel and relentless master, but he still cares.
    • Which makes the later revelation that the Bride was his best and most favored student nothing but d'aww.
      • And years after he taught her how to respect and have faith in herself, The Bride's first thought as she is about to extricate herself from her earthbound prison with his teachings?
    Okay, Pai Mei...here I come.
    • In his own way, you can see Pai Mei developing a quiet respect for the Bride. He stands behind her rather than hitting her on the head as she practices breaking wood, and goes as far as nodding in approval. Considering that this is someone who rips peoples' eyes out at the slightest provocation that's an astonishing gesture from him.
    • Her response to finding out Elle Driver killed Pai Mei was to rip out her other eye and leave her alone in a caravan in the middle of nowhere.
    • Adding further credence to the above, we see Pai Mei's reserved yet sincere approval of the Bride's determination and progress, showcased with the slightest of smiles and a stroke of his beard. This Caucasian American Japanese speaking female impressed the hell out of him with her perseverance through his regimen and bullshit, and he rewarded her greatly.

  • Minor one, but when the Bride calls out O'Ren after the crowd exits the bar, O'Ren at least has the decency to tell their server (whom her gang had been playfully picking on earlier) to leave, knowing full well he could die in the crossfire if he stayed.
  • Karen Kim, upon learning that the Bride is seriously pregnant and willing to do anything to protect her unborn child, deciding to back off and offering her sincere congrats.
  • There's a minor one with Hattori Hanzo and his employee, Shiro. Shiro is lazy and rude; he posseses the very kind of personality that is detrimental to a restaurant or other similar business, making one wonder why Hattori keeps him around. Then, we learn that Shiro was once Hattori's assistant back when he still made katanas, which means that Hattori kept his old friend around for 28 years for old times' sake.
  • "Shogun Assassin's too long." "No it's not." Why isn't it too long? Because it means more time Beatrix gets to spend with B.B.