Heartwarming / Kelly Kelly

  • The Raw 2011 "Power To The People" episode where she is voted to face Brie Bella for the Divas' Championship. She wins her first title in WWE and promptly bursts into tears. Made even more heartwarming by the fact that she trended worldwide on Twitter and fans were still voting fo her while the match was going on (leading to a mix up with the voting for the next match).
  • Extreme Rules 2011, she and Layla finally put their differences aside after five years.
  • In her shoot interview she is asked if she knows that Brooke Adams is now a Knockouts Champion. She happily says yes, that she watches her matches and is proud of her.
  • She puts on a hard-fought match against Gail Kim in her hometown. After she wins, Gail shakes her hand. She had a group of family members in the audience for it, and lists it as one of her favourite matches.