Heartwarming / Katamari

  • One arc revolves around a man directing the Prince to roll up all of his ex-girlfriend's favorite things in hopes of winning her back. After she sees the katamari, the two of them share a moment while she explains why she rejected him.
    • Following this, the King makes a small speech that manages to sound profound for once.
  • In The Quest For Color, Macho reassuring Daisy and her reaction.
  • For all of his flawed parenting techniques, the King shows just how much he cares for his son upon seeing him in danger.
  • Lucha's support of Opeo throughout the Tournament Arc, particularly during the finale and aftermath.
  • Ichigo rallying the cousins to support the Prince in All Together.
    • From the same strip, the fact that Macho and Ichigo were taking Opeo out for ice cream. Particularly since he's still beat up after the Tournament Arc.
    • There's also the Prince taking the high road after calling Ace out by pointing out his contributions and offering a truce.