Heartwarming / Kare Kano

  • In the manga, when Arima and Yukino start calling each other by their first names. It's a very minor scene, but just so cuuute!
  • Also in the manga, when Arima tells Yukino all about his past, culminating with him telling her that he loves her.
  • Another small, but telling, moment comes early on. Arima has confessed his feelings to Yukino, but she is beating herself up about her inability to respond to him. She finds a way to tell him during a student council meeting by just reaching down and grasping his hand into hers.
  • Yin and Yang album. Tsubasa. That is all.
  • When Maho and Tsubasa start to like Yukino and even become her friends. Dawwww.
  • The fact that all of Yukino and Souichirou's school friends are supportive of Souichirou and help to repel his mother when she visits the school to take him.
  • Hiroyuki's grandfather and father figure has just died. He's in tears with thoughts of regret as he's explaining his grief to Miyako. Eventually she asks that she be the one to fill the place in his heart that his grandfather used to own. How's that for a confession?
  • The moment when Reiji and Soji finally meet again. We don't see much of their interaction, but seeing the former get teary eyed, all with a double page with them standing on a field in their youth really hits home that they made up.
  • Every moment with Arimas adoptive parents. EVERY moment.
    • When his mom tells him about her scar and the narration explains why it doesn't hurt anymore.
    • While Arima at the beginning constantly stresses how they have never been angry with him and that he is grateful for such kind parents, it really is adorable how he is totally excited and cheerful when they get mad when finding that he stabbed his own hand, proving that he understands now that they really do care.
    • The moment when his mom holds him crying and kicking in her arms, instantly accepting him as her son.