Heartwarming / Karate Shoukoushi Kohinata Minoru

  • Pretty much any time a protagonist wins a fight, they can expect to be mobbed by all their overjoyed friends.
  • Mutou telling Kohinata that after knocking him out, Nana put herself between the pair of them to protect Kohinata. Considering that she was apparently about to get raped, and that Mutou just effortlessly beat the crap out of three people, it really says a lot about their friendship.
  • Gerard Bertrand seems to be becoming a source of these:
    • His reception following his loss to Mutou. The spectators are cheering for him despite everything, and Izumi arranges things so that he can talk to his beloved daughter Annette over the phone.
    • Before that, Bertrand had been very reluctant to throw any punches for fear of damaging his fists, and therefore risk losing his livelihood, due to not being able to wear protective gloves in the tournament. But after Izumi offers to sort things out with his wife depending on his performance aginst Mutou, this reluctance vanishes completely. Bertrand was willing to risk everything if it meant he had a chance of seeing Annette again.
    • Chapters 174 and 213 both show that after one year, the two of them are still in contact with one another, and they're still on good terms.
  • Chapter 197: Having taken part in his first fight and winning, no less, Hayama is being cheered on and congratulated not only by his fellow students, but by Rika, Ibuki and even his opponent. Really not bad, for the series's original Butt-Monkey.