Heartwarming: Kami-sama no Inai Nichiyoubi

  • The first undead human we see on-screen selflessly sacrifices himself to protect Ai, proving that despite the creep-factor he truly was the kind and caring man he seemed to be.
  • After finding out that Hampnie is her father and watch him die at the hands of bandits, Ai gets to spend one final happy day together with him, before burying him for good.
  • After Ai reveals Ulla is the Idol of Murder to her. Ulla hugs her, using Kiriko as proxy.
  • All of episode 9. While searching for Scar, Dee suddenly remembers it's Alice's birthday, and although he's reluctant to celebrate, Ai convinces him otherwise, and the group stops to celebrate his birthday. The episode also shows more of Julie's fatherly side, especially his interactions with Ai and Celica, and when the group does find Scar, he promises to take care of her and Celica. And Ai and Alice think he's proposing to her, which just embarrasses him. All in all, it's a sweet episode.