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Heartwarming: Kamisama Kiss
  • Whenever Tomoe and Nanami do a Aww, Look! They Really Do Love Each Other moment.
  • Nanami making sure Yukiji takes the "medicine" Tomoe got her in the past, despite how much it must have hurt to see Tomoe care for another.
  • Tomoe proposing to child!Nanami in chapter 62. Not to mention he FINALLY spit it out.
  • At the end of chapter 65 Nanami discovers what Tomoe really thinks of her: as a flower bud that will one day bloom.
  • Nanami and Yukiji's interactions with each other, even more so if you know their true relationship.
  • Yukiji's husband refused to take another wife because he loved only Yukiji.
  • Tomoe, a ruthless Youkai, actually trying to make Nanami happy by showing the cherry blossom.
  • The Fallen God Kuromaro is actually a very nice person who would happy to die to help people.
  • The birth of Yukiji's child.
  • Yukiji died in happiness and reunited with her husband, knowing that her child will live and her bloodline will continue to exist far into the future.
  • Nanami and Tomoe finally admitted their love for each other.
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