Heartwarming / Kamen Rider Spirits

  • In the first chapter, Taki has armed himself with a shotgun and improvised weapons to fight the monster of the week, because there's no Kamen Rider in New York. The MoTW No Sells his attacks and mocks his attempts to be a Badass Normal. Taki is powerless and despairs... and then Hongo arrives, apologizes for being late, and then tells him: "Tonight, we are Double Riders."
  • Even though it's a rather heart-wrenching scene at the same time, when Anri is impaled by Marshall Yoroi to give Yuuki his helmet and make him Riderman once again, and Hinau (who had no parents of her own) calls her mama. At this instance, she just looks at Riderman with tears and says "Papa, beat him up!" and Yuuki just smiles. It manages to be both sad and sweet.
  • Chapter 17 has Sergei's son Massim ask if the rabbit was on the moon after his father told him the story. His reply was both awesome and heartwarming:
    "When I get back I'll tell you all about it!! There was a rabbit!! A rabbit so damned good-natured that it'll rub off!! But he's a very though guy... Even when he jumps into the fire, he'll never die!!"