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     Light Novel 
  • Ene's reason to call Shintaro "Master". Why? Because Forgotten First Meeting ensues after her, when she was still Takane Enomoto, lost a bet after he beat her in a video game. The deal was that if she lost she would become his servant and call him Master, but Shintaro believed it was too awkward and told her to forget about it. Even after becoming a Cyber Girl, she still remembers it and calls him Master because of it.
  • "...Because we're brothers." The way Seto shows genuine affection to Kano after he breaks down near the end of the fifth novel goes to show how close they, and the rest of the Mekakushi Dan, are.
  • Though it's a mild one, Kido instantly jumps to Kano's defense in the fourth novel when Shintaro asks if Kano might hate him despite the somewhat shady circumstances. It's quite sweet to see just how trusting of Kano she is despite their bickering.
  • Tsukihiko asking Azami to marry him, and Azami saying yes.
  • After Haruka tells Shintaro that he only has a month left to live, Shintaro spends the entire night with him in his room and never leaves his side.
  • A Fridge example: With Hiyori and Ayaka both in the Heat-Haze Daze, it's quite possible that they met for the first time, since Hiyori didn't know she had a sister until Ayaka's funeral.
  • Despite her normally short temper and harsh way of speaking, when Kano tells Kido the truth about what happened with Ayano she doesn't get mad, instead telling him that he shouldn't keep things from her anymore because they're family. Kano's smile after that could be considered heartwarming in itself, we even get it illustrated.
  • In the seventh novel, Shintaro learns Ene's real identity. While their confrontation starts off harsh, it ultimately shows that the two of them really are good friends.
    • Shintaro asks Ene why she forced her way into his life and started pestering him constantly. Ene responds that Shintaro was in such bad shape mentally, that she was worried he might kill himself. This leads Shintaro to realize that despite all of the frustration Ene brings him, he really was happier after she started living in his computer.
    • When Shintaro talks about how much he missed Ayano and Haruka, Ene asks if he missed her after she disappeared. Shintaro reluctantly admits that he did.
  • Also in the seventh novel, Kido's conversation with Azami. After Kido confesses that she killed her father, she expects Azami to think that she's a monster. Instead, Azami expresses sympathy for Kido, saying that the only reason she would do something like that is because she absolutely had to.

  • All the moments between Haruka and Takane where life was simpler and happier and they haven't went through Unwilling Roboticisation yet. Also, when Shintaro and Ayano join their circle.
  • One of the flashback scenes in episode 9 of the anime shows Ayano walking in on Kano drawing on Seto's face, while Seto protests, clearly upset. Kano claims he was making him the villain for their game of superheroes that day, but Seto doesn't want to be the villain. In response, Ayano grabs the marker, draws on her face, and pretends that they are members of the 'Graffiti Rangers'. Even Kido joins in, and they get Kano to draw on his face, too.
  • Pretty much any time you just get to see the Dan interacting casually can be considered this. When you consider what so many of them have gone through in the past, it's pretty great to see them all happy.
  • Though it's subtle, seeing Kido smiling at the thought of a group dinner in one of the episodes of the anime is pretty sweet
  • At the very beginning of Episode 11, as Shintaro sees various memories of Kuroha's victories, you can see Momo has her arms around Hibiya and is slightly in front of him, implying she tried to shield him with her own body before he killed them.
  • Also, Momo uses her powers to attract all the Mekakushi-Dan's members, which works. She also manages to cheer up poor Hibiya, who was quite depressed after the "Groundhog Day" Loop and even Kano, who was broken after all the past events and Ayano's death.
  • The final episode of the anime. Everybody Lives (even Ayano and Hiyori). Earn Your Happy Ending indeed.
  • The best moment ever would have to be in episode 10. After seeing Shion and Azami get trapped there's Marry, who's free and has Seto come to her rescue. Aw.