* "Le Tourment II" ("Torment, part II"), where Arthur manages to convince Perceval that yes, he does like him, even if [[TheDitz Perceval]] regularly annoys the hell out of him. Then the long, awkward (to Arthur, anyway, very much so) ManHug takes it back to Funny mode.
-->'''Perceval:''' Ah, well, you see, my folks' neighbours have four sons; there's one who's a bit retarded, and he's their favourite.\\
'''Arthur:''' Yeah, I can understand that.
* A different episode has Perceval ask Arthur for help with a letter to his father and his uncles: his grandma is dying and wants to tell her children that she's always loved them, even if she never found the words to say so. And of course, it ends on a funny note when having exhausted all possible metaphors, Arthur asks what the relatives are like. "Well, they're kind of dumbasses."
* Perceval's monologue in "L'Habitué" ("The Usual Customer"). "I'm no good at tactics or archery, but I damn well know what it's like to love someone."
* "Pupi": Arthur in disguise sees a puppet show with Caradoc and his family. At the end of the episode, he watches it again... without the disguise, accompanying the children.
* It could be seen as a YMMV case, as it is intended as a TearJerker moment; but if you ever had to deal directly or indirectly with this problem, given [[SuicideIsShameful the usual take on the matter in fiction]], the scene between Arthur and Perceval in the final episode of Livre VI [[spoiler: (everyone come to visit Arthur by his bedsite in Tintagel, while he's trying to recover from his failed suicide; he's telling one of his dream to Perceval, in which an old man wants to show him the Graal)]] includes some incredibly deep and touching view on this (WARNING: Spoilers):
-->'''Arthur:''' ''(monotonous, with a ThousandYardStare)'' We enter the bathroom; there's the bathtub, filled with water, nobody in it; and there's blood everywhere. (...) "There," says the old man, "that's the Grail." "... The ''bathroom''!?" "No, not the bathroom; the bathtub. (...) It really is the Grail: what was used to collect the blood of Christ." ...[[MoodWhiplash At that point, in the dream, I slap him.]] The real deal, with his head swinging on the side and all. "Are you taking the piss out of me??" Then he comes back, and slaps me so hard; as if the ceiling was falling on me. [[MoodWhiplash And then he says:]] "How do you call someone in pain, who spills his own blood on the floor to make everyone else feel guilty? ''(pause)'' Every person who commits suicide is the Christ; every bathtub is the Grail."
** Also, the fact that, while everyone has something to say to Arthur when they visit him, Perceval says nothing and just listens until he's finished.