Heartwarming / Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox

  • The Big Damn Heroes moment at the beginning after Zoom's Motive Rant.
    Batman: I agree. Your lives aren't worth much.
    Superman: But Flash's life is.
  • When Barry first saw his mother again in the Flashpoint universe.
    Barry's Mom: It is okay for a busy young man to forget his old mom.
    Barry: I could never forget you.
  • Flashpoint Superman, despite having every reason not too, shows up near the end of the film to save Cyborg, the first friend he's had in his entire life.
    • Turns into a Tear Jerker when Vic dies moments later anyway.
  • Doctor Vulko, the one Atlantean who felt guilty about what his people were doing and freed Captain Atom simply because it was the right thing to do.
  • The best example is at the end of the film, when Flash gives his Batman a letter written by his father from the flashpoint universe. Bruce, who instantly recognizes the handwriting as his father's, breaks into tears and thanks Flash.
    Batman: You're one hell of a messenger. Thank you.