* When Superman saves Zatanna from the vacuum of space and revives her with CPR.
-->'''Zatanna''': Sknaht.\\
'''Superman''': "Sknaht"?\\
'''Zatanna''': (''with tears in her eyes'') I meant, thanks.
* When Black Manta orders his minions to execute Aquaman's infant son, only for them to [[EvenEvilHasStandards stand together and defy him.]]
** It helps that Aquaman destroyed the mind control equipment he had on his backside.
* Captain Marvel coming to Superman's aid definitely counts, particularly once you consider that their last - and arguably most famous - major encounter was in ''Comicbook/KingdomCome'', where the two fought one another. The scene is even a mirror of the ''Kingdom Come'' moment, but instead of the Captain standing over Superman, ready to fight, he extends his hand to a man who could really use it.
* Jean Loring sat next to a fatally wounded Ray Palmer. She initially wanted him to quit being a superhero, but more than ever she wants him to come back to her. Much more heartwarming, despite [[ComicBook/IdentityCrisis what happens between them]].
* ComicBook/ThePhantomStranger snaps [[GreenLantern Hal Jordan]] out of a hallucination, then actually ''hands'' him his power battery so that he can recharge and fly back to Earth.
* When Franchise/{{Superman}} meets Comicbook/LoisLane again, he kisses her passionately while his cousin Comicbook/{{Supergirl}} -who disparaged Lois while she was mind-controlled- beams at them.