!!Jurassic Park
* Doctor Alan Grant witnessing the ''Brachiosaurus'' for the first time... John Williams' heartfelt score ''perfectly'' captured the wonder of witnessing one's boyhood dreams finally fulfilled.
* The hatching of [[UglyCute the baby raptor]].
* Grant promising to stay up all night on lookout while Lex and Tim sleep.
* During the kitchen scene, [[BigSisterInstinct Lex distracting the raptors from her brother]].
* The scene where they find the ''Triceratops''.... my favorite dinosaur is a ''Triceratops'' and to just see it breathing and moving.
** This sounds strange, but I second it. For many nostalgic dinosaur-lovers who watched this film as children, the opportunity to see your favourite dinosaur, something that existed only in dreams and bed-time stories, moving and living and breathing in all the ways you believed it to. ''That'', ladies and gentlemen, is heartwarming.
** Dr. Grant puts it into words perfectly in that very scene, too.
---> '''Dr. Grant''': They were always my favorite when I was a kid. Now, I see her and she's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.
* You know that Muldoon is loyal to Hammond when he asks him to try to find his grandchildren in the ''T. rex'' Paddock.
* Hammond himself, when he finds out the phones are working, but hears the gunshots. He calls the chopper and personally drives Ian to the visitors center, not caring for a second that there's dinosaurs on a rampage between the bunker and center; just so he could rescue Grant, Sattler, and his [[PapaWolf grandchildren.]]
** And the last moment on the island, when Hammond takes one last look back and Grant almost seems to comfort him.
* When Alan climbs up the tree to get Tim, Tim has the all-too-real childlike fear about getting in trouble for throwing up in the car. Alan patiently comforts him and tells him he won't tell anyone that he threw up and nervously eyes the creaking branches.
* Grant and the kids' interactions with the ''Brachiosaurus''.
* The dinosaur eggs Grant and the kids found, and the babies little footprints going away.
-->"Malcolm was right. Life found the way."

!!The Lost World: Jurassic Park
* ''Stegosaurus'' is this troper's favorite dinosaur and the moment I saw it on the big screen alive and moving as a kid I felt my heart moving non-stop in utter awe and amazement.
** The fact that the baby actually allowed Sarah to get up close and interact with it. Well, until it got scared by her camera, anyways.
** Not to mention the ending, where a herd of ''Stegosaurus'' are migrating together with their young.
* Despite the fact that it later led to disaster, Nick freeing and later helping to heal the injured baby ''T. rex'' counts.
** It's also a nice contrast between himself and [[{{Badass}} Tembo]]. While Tembo was very competent, it was still very cruel of him to first injure the infant, then use it as bait so he could kill it's ''parent''.
* The second film has the ''T. rex'' helping its kid get its first kill. [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AL7UDurxc3w&feature=related See it here.]] It's so adorable that you almost forget about [[spoiler:the AssholeVictim they're snacking on]].
** And later the entire ''Tyranno'' family is seen happily minding their own business back on the island.

!!Jurassic Park III
* Grant's scene with Billy at the end of the film. Earlier, Grant had chewed his assistant out severely after his curiosity provoked him to take a few raptor eggs. Afterwards, it looked like Billy had [[HeroicSacrifice died saving Eric from the ''Pteranodons'']], and Grant couldn't help remembering the [[PartingWordsRegret harsh last words]] he said to him. Against expectations, he gets a chance to make up.
* The plot of Amanda and Paul desperately trying to find their son and protect him until they get off the island.
* Ellie called in [[spoiler: the marines]], after nothing but a garbled call for help from Alan.

!!Jurassic World
* The very fact that this movie is finally getting made after 14 years was one of these to fans and those of us who grew up with the first movie.
* The fact that not only are we getting a new movie, but this installment of the series will finally feature a fully operational park open to visitors. Regardless of what happens in the film, at least for a while, John Hammond's dream finally came true!
* Following the passing away of actor Richard Attenborough (1923-2014), director Colin Trevorrow announced that [[InMemoriam the film will be dedicated to the late actor]], and will even feature a statue of his iconic character, John Hammond.

!!The novels
* Say what you will about Lex, she does get some genuinely nice moments.
** She is the only person who can approach the young raptor they found, successfully putting a radio collar on it (something which Muldoon and the dinosaur handlers failed to do). How? ''Because she was the only person who was kind to it''. Another such moment is her befriending the young ''Triceratops'' they meet. It's a small, cute moment that basically says the dinosaurs are not AlwaysChaoticEvil monsters that only exist to kill people.
*** It's also a poigniant reminder of what Jurassic Park could have been, if certain things had gone different.
** She reassures Tim that their father (who regards him as TheUnfavorite) does, in fact, care about him.
* In the second book, Levine tends to come off as a spoiled, whiny asshole, but there are times when his heart of gold shows through. He seems to have developed almost paternal feelings towards Kelly and Arby; he tries to shield them from the sight of [[spoiler:Howard King]] being eaten by ''Velociraptors'', and after [[spoiler:Eddie is killed and Arby dragged away by the raptors]], his first instinct is not to flee for his own life, but to get weapons from Thorne and ''kill every one of them.''