Heartwarming: Joueur du Grenier

  • The Disney episode's end. Jd G, in full psycho mode after playing the crappy Fantasia game, is about to burn it with a sadistic smirk... when a blue light shines while a holy music resounds, and Jd G calms down and smiles.
    "You know what? Even if that game is pure shit... actually and weirdly, I'm not gonna get angry, yeah yeah. 'Cause in the end, there's so many good Disney games - Pinocchio, Aladdin, DuckTales, Chip N Dale, every Mickey game, every Donald game - it's not easy to find bad Disney games because they're rare! I mean, with either the movies or the games, Disney gave me so much happiness when I was a kid that it'd be just odious to spit on them for just three bad games."