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Heartwarming: Jellyneo Altador Cup Vi
  • Tandrak's discussion with Valka over the team captains being poisoned. Despite being rivals, Tandrak genuinely tries to comfort her after she learns that Layton may not survive the incident.
    • The brief exchange that followed between Valka and Layton was just as sweet.
  • Despite Valka only knew of their relation for about a day, the fact Al claimed she and her twin sister Baelia were the two things he cared the most about in his life was truly heartwarming; even if neither were there at that moment.
  • After Derlyn does her Crowning Moment Of Awesome, and got slashed in the face, Mirsha asked her sister if she was okay, and informs her that she had a Crowning Moment Of Awesome. This is supercharged by the fact that they were Arch Enemies.
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alternative title(s): Jellyneo Altador Cup Vi Roleplay
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