Heartwarming / Jelly Jamm

  • The whole ending of "Musical Aurora".
  • The moment where the Dodo egg hatches in "Wild Nature".
  • When the kids and the King make up at the end of "The Color of Fun".
  • When Mina and Rita make up at the end of "Home, Flying Home", and Mina decides to spend another week at Rita's house. Overlaps with Tearjerker.
  • The entirety of "Jammbo's Many Worlds".
  • The Queen teaching Rita how to paint in "Royal Frame", and also consoling Bello at the end when he feels jealous and left out (with lots of hugs both times). The relationships aren't monarch-subject; They're mother-daughter and mother-son.
  • When Mina thanks Bello for telling the truth and bringing the rare blue dodo she wanted to get a picture of in "Flying Lies" and asking him to take a picture of her hugging it.
    • Whenever Bello and Mina make up in general.
  • The fact that Grandpa Dodo raised Bello since the day he was born.
    • And Bello leaving the musical clover Grandpa planted because it was more important than any contest in Grandpa's debut episode. Aw.
  • Whenever any of the characters hug is automatically this.