Heartwarming / Jelly Jamm

  • The whole ending of "Musical Aurora".
  • The moment where the Dodo egg hatches in "Wild Nature".
  • When the kids and the King make up at the end of "The Color of Fun".
  • When Mina and Rita make up at the end of "Home, Flying Home", and Mina decides to spend another week at Rita's house. Overlaps with Tearjerker.
  • The entirety of "Jammbo's Many Worlds".
  • When Mina thanks Bello for telling the truth and bringing the rare blue dodo she wanted to get a picture of in "Flying Lies" and asking him to take a picture of her hugging it.
    • Whenever Bello and Mina make up in general.
  • The fact that Grandpa Dodo raised Bello since the day he was born.
    • And Bello leaving the musical clover Grandpa planted because it was more important than any contest in Grandpa's debut episode. Aw.
  • Whenever any of the characters hug is automatically this.