Heartwarming / Jekyll

  • This moment with Hyde reassuring Claire.
    Hyde: Tell you what I am. I'm strong.
    Claire: I don't care how strong you are.
    Hyde: I'm so strong that I walk through this funny little world of yours and I don't notice it. It bores me. But you, you, Mrs. Jackman... You make me weak. I notice you. (tenderly touches her cheek) You've never been safer in your life.
    • Followed up by a moment with Hyde and the boys.
    Hyde: Boys, am I your father?
    (Eddie and Harry shake their heads no)
    Hyde: Give me your hands. It's all right, give me your hands.
    (Hyde takes their hands in his)
    Hyde: Look closer. You know me. You've always known me. Am I your father?
    (A moment of hesitation, and then the boys hug him)
  • Also a Moment of Awesome. Hyde saving Tom by resurrecting him after Tom had been psychologically traumatised into submission. Hyde absorbs all of the electricity in London to bring him back so they can save their family.
    Hyde: (to a memory of Tom) You listening to me, Daddy? Why am I not a superman?
    Tom: No. Half a man. (Offers his hand) For her.