Heartwarming / Jaws

  • "Show me the way to go home..."
  • The scene with Brody and his youngest son Sean at the dinner table.
  • Quint giving Brody and Hooper the only two life jackets on his boat knowing it's sinking. He said he wasn't gonna wear a life jacket again, but that didn't mean the other two had to die with him.
  • At one point Brody accidentally pulls on the wrong rope and causes Hooper's tanks to tumble to the deck. Hooper, stressed, yells at Brody but Quint sends him away... and then quietly tells Brody that, if he is ever unsure about what to do, just ask him. It shows that while he is gruff Quint has come to like Brody and isn't just a raging drunken bastard. The very next scene shows Quint teaching Brody how to tie a knot. While he does laugh when Brody messes up, it isn't cruel and it is clear that Brody doesn't feel picked on.