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Heartwarming: Jane and the Dragon
  • He may be a bit self-centered, but Dragon's immense care for Jane is very sweet.
  • In "Dragon's Tail" Gunther and Jane have to work together to get the medicine for Dragon, and for once Gunther is genuinely concerned about Jane, with none of the snark.
  • Any interaction between Rake and Pepper.
  • Jane and Jester's friendship. It's sweet to see how close they are and how much they care about each other. Especially when Jester's feelings for her are revealed:
    Jane: *laughing* No, no laughing please, my ribs are too sore to move, and my face!
    Jester: What a pity for a face so... pretty. *Jane looks up in surprise.* I... I mean... you know.
  • The ending of "Rune."
    • "Dragon is home!"
  • Any episode where Gunther defies his father in order to follow the knight's code.
  • Smithy coming with the Chamberlain to find Jane so he can keep an eye on him.
  • When Jane and Dragon decide to leave because they feel no one appreciates Dragon, their friends throw a going-away party and Jester shouts at her not to leave as they fly off.
  • Jane talks to Jester after putting too much pressure on him to make up a new performance for the royal court,
    '''Jane: I want you to forgive me. I was the one trying to impress the king.
    Dragon: Never mind, Jane. At least you have the gardener covering for you!
    Jester: ... The vegetables?
  • At the end of "Dragon Rules," Gunther is hanging out with the gang and even joking with them.
  • Rake, in order to spare Pepper's feelings, lies to her about her terrible-tasting stew and feeds it all to Dragon. Luckily, he is able to avoid her wrath in the end by coming clean.
    Pepper: You are the most thoughtful boy ever, Rake!
  • In "Go West Young Gardener," Jester picks up the slack in the garden while Rake is gone and reassures Pepper that he's ok. Aww. This camaraderie really does go for the main five and Dragon.
  • After she openly defies him, Theodore finally explains why he gives Jane such frustrating, difficult chores—because she's the smartest, bravest, and most stubborn squire he's ever had, and he knows she will grow up to do great things.
  • Lavinia gets her dance with Jane at the end of "Shall We Dance" as the Lady in Waiting watches proudly.
  • In the pilot, Jane risks her dreams and all her knight's training so Pepper can have an easier time in the kitchen. Made even better by the fact that she succeeds in her gamble.
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