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Heartwarming: It's Just a Game
  • Aqua and Terra's Christmas date. Heartwarming from the very first awkward post, right down to the big kiss. Your heart may explode upon reading.
  • While Liz and Falco have been on much milder terms of late, it was still sweet to see them have a little moment's truce at the Christmas party when she gave him her present to him; a model arwing ship. She didn't even know what an arwing was, she just hoped he'd like it because he was a pilot.
  • Link and Saria's big talk after he took out his Evil Counterpart. He explains everything that happened to him in canon, and even breaks down crying as he's telling her all this, almost expecting her to never want to speak with him again since he's changed so much. Saria is shocked, but is determined to stay with him. CMOH and Tearjerker all in one.
  • When Discord messed with Liz's personality and turned her into an angry, hateful bitch, Linkara was the one to really get through to her and ultimately snapped her out of it by kissing her.
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