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Heartwarming: Infinite Stratos Prototype Spartan
  • Kira, after finding a rather sad Tabane, decides to sing her two songs that could be seen as romantic songs just to cheer her up.
  • Despite that all the facts point to Kira having died, Tabane still believes that he'll return one day.
    “…Er, Tabane, why are there four plates? Are we expecting another guest?” Her mother asked as Tabane put down the plates at the table in her apartment.
    “Hm? What do you mean, mother? I’m merely setting the table for the family.” She asked with a sincere smile.
    “Ah, so Houki is coming?”
    “No… I thought you remembered I married Kira…” she pouted, “Though he’s out for work. It’s been a while since he contacted me.”
  • Kira arrives back on the exact day he promised to go on a date with Tabane, telling her that he'd make their date.

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