Heartwarming / In the Heights

  • Usnavi after Vanessa suggests they go to the club and check out the fireworks in "Won't Be Long". True, Sonny had to ask her out for him, but his excitement after is extremely sweet and then telling Sonny anything he wants in the store is free is doubly heartwarming as well.
  • Graffiti Pete going out of his way to help a panicking Sonny defend the bodega in "Blackout", a way to show that the "ghetto youth" isn't as bad as they're made out to be.
  • Combined with Tear Jerker, when they find a box of Abuela's albums and folders full of everything any of their neighbors had ever given her and Nina sings "Everything I Know", a song of her past being the much-praised daughter for her scholarly prowess, until she drops out of college.
    In this album, there's a picture/Of Abuela in Havana/She is holding a ragdoll, unsmiling/Black and white/I wonder what she's thinking?/Does she know that she'll be leaving/For the city, on a cold, dark night?/ And on the day they ran,/Did they dream of endless summer?/Did her mother have a plan,/Or did they just go?/Did somebody sit her down and say/"Claudia, get ready/to leave behind everything you know."
  • Vanessa's last attempt to apologise to Usnavi for giving him the cold shoulder, and trying to make him jealous in "The Club."
  • The whole of "Sunrise", thus the conclusion of the interracial romance storyline for Nina and Benny, in which they promise one another they'll never leave each other, and they "don't care at all what people say beyond the sunrise."
  • Camila in "Enough" bitches at both Kevin and Nina to get them to stop fighting and actually try to settle their differences. Even when she's upset, she's still trying her hardest to keep her family together. Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Awesome.
  • "When You're Home."
    Nina: So please, don't say you're proud of me when I've lost my way!
    Benny: Then can I say I couldn't get my mind off you all day?
  • The "Finale".
    I'm home, where the coffee's non-stop, and I drop this hip-hop from my mom-and-pop shop. I'm home, where people come, people go, let me show all of these people what I know, there's no place like home. Now let me set the record straight, I'm steppin' to Vanessa, I'm gettin' the second date. I'm home, where it's a hundred in the shade, but with patience and faith, we remain unafraid. I'm home. You hear that music in the air? TAKE A TRAIN TO THE TOP OF THE WORLD AND I'M THERE. I'M HOME!!!