Heartwarming / InCryptid

Touching moments from the InCryptid stories.

Frances and Jonathan Healy Timeline

Short Story: We Both Go Down Together
  • Fran and Jonathan's first moment of seeing their newborn baby daughter. And the Aeslin mice's part in making it happen.

Price Family Timeline

Discount Armageddon

  • Dominic's compassion for Piyusha's brothers - before he is fully convinced that not all cryptids are monsters. He's still working through what cryptids really are, but he recognizes too well what their grief means and that their sister didn't deserve to die, let alone to be brutally murdered by a snake cult.

Short Story: "Snake in the Glass"
  • Dominic convincing Angelo Kakalos to let his younger daughter, Dina, marry Manos (whom she is more temperamentally suited for than his elder daughter). Dina confesses that she doesn't love Manos but they could learn to love each other, and it seems by the end of the story they are well on their way to doing just that.

Magic For Nothing

  • Sam shows up for Antimony to face down the Covenant Having rationalized that he lies to protect himself on the regular; and Antimony lied to him about her true identity while working to protect his carnival from the Covenant. He suggests they forgive each other for the lies and get back to their growing relationship.