Heartwarming: I, Claudius

  • The senate praising Claudius, expressing sorrow at the possibility of his death, and wishing him well, showing that he has finally gained admiration and respect from those who once shunned and mocked him
  • "Go on playing the fool, Claudius". This is a twin moment, both for Claudius, who treats the woman who has scorned and humiliated him with kindness and love in her dying days, and for Livia. She finally comes to realise that her bumbling grandson is perhaps the smartest of the bunch.
  • Any happy moment Claudius has, which are few and far between, especially as the fate of Rome and his family sink further despite his efforts.
  • Claudius doesn't show any anger when Appius Silanus tries to murder him. He just wants to know why on earth Silanus would kill the man who raised him up. When Silanus (truthfully) starts badmouthing Messalina, on the other, he flies into a royal rage. Poor Clau-Clau-Claudius actually becomes intimidating.
  • Pretty much every scene between Claudius and Augustus, standing out from his family Augustus happily openly loves his grandson (not even caring to much or blaming the boy when Claudius's disabilities ruins his point of a speech trying to get several nobles to marry so to father better children for Rome) and is the only one not to underestimate him. Even in Claudius's final hallucination, amongst the others more cynical and uncaring speeches to him, Augustus alone happily congratulates him on his successes and becoming emperor as he suggested he might all those years earlier.