Heartwarming / I Am a Hero

For all of the horror that happens in the series, I Am a Hero also has its seriously delightful moments.

  • Tetsuko, Hideo's girlfriend, isn't always the greatest person. Even after turning into a zombie, though, she tries not to harm Hideo, going so far as to deliberately break her teeth on the door so that she can't break his skin.
  • Hiromi's decision to stay with an armed stranger in the forest who's mumbling to himself may not be the smartest in the world, but her sheer joy at seeing that he hasn't killed himself the next morning is still heartwarming. Subverted a bit by the fact that Hideo wasn't actually suicidal.
  • While Hideo is jealous of Nakata, it's surprising for the reader to find out that the feeling goes both ways. The commercially much more successful Nakata reveals that he sees Hideo as a better writer, after finding some of his work thrown out in the streets of Tokyo.
  • When Hiromi and Hideo manage to convince Oda to stay with them despite her pregnancy, there's a brief moment of heartwarming. Of course, it turns out to be a Hope Spot, but still.
  • Hiromi's last message of encouragement to Hideo coupled with her ability to keep the Flesh Golem she leads from killing him suggests that, despite everything, there's a part of her that stayed as the girl who attempted to rescue Hideo in the Aokigahara Forest through to the end.