Heartwarming: Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory

  • When Neptune first encounters Iris Heart, Iris Heart makes her and Noire promise her a very big favor in return for giving them CPU Memory Fragments. She calls the favor in later and it simply ended up them taking a bath together. Seeing Plutia so happy about it almost makes one forget the implications Iris Heart was making during the bargaining.
  • Chapter 10 gives a sweat one to Nepgear whose been getting crap from the other world. When she finally gets home her friends she made in mk2 are all happy to see her.
  • Chapter 3: Iris Heart, of all people, helps Blanc get up after the latter's Humiliation Conga. Okay, sure, Plutia does reveal a little bit later that she, as Iris Heart, did have ulterior motives for doing so, but only at that moment... or so she insists. Whatever the case, it has helped, as Blanc got her country back and made a bunch of friends. After her story about how she didn't even want to be a CPU and had to do everything alone and without help, it's nice to see her looking forward to spending time with Plutia and Neptune (not so much with Noire).
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