Heartwarming / Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls

  • Sen saving Hanzo from the invisible monster (with Naoe's help). "Princess...now we can't tell which one of us is the bodyguard, can we?"
  • The final episode as a whole counts.
    • Moe!Jubei kisses Muneakira to summon Badass!Jubei while she disappears.
    • Moe!Jubei AND Badass!Jubei dies from disintegration from the atmosphere.
    • Muneakira smiles in the final scene when a star was shining in the distance. Brings a tear to the eye too.
  • Episode 3 of season 2, when Muneakira tries to revive Kanetsugu after she's tossed into a river by a dark samurai. Despite all the trouble she's caused up to this point, when she regains consciousness and sees how hard he's trying to revive her, as well as crying for her, she begins to understand the bond and trust that the other girls have with him, thus allowing her to become a master samurai as well when he "kisses" her while performing CPR.