Heartwarming / Hugo

  • "Come and dream with me."
  • When the Inspector pulls Hugo from the tracks as the train is approaching and lets him go after Hugo reminded him that Gustave himself was an orphan.
  • When Monsieur Frick (the newspaper seller), solves the problem of the yippy dachshund who'd been thwarting his efforts to flirt with Madame Emile (the cafe owner) by bringing another dachshund for the first one to play with.
  • When Georges Méliès essentially adopts Hugo at the end when he tells the Inspector "He belongs to me."
  • Hugo and Isabelle's entire relationship.
  • A more meta example, but the fact that the entire thing is a love letter to cinema.
  • "I've mastered three."
  • During the screening of "Voyage to the Moon," Isabelle remarks on how beautiful Jeanne was. Georges reveals himself by saying "She still is."
  • Inspector Gustave's scenes with Lisette can be this too, in part for showing just how vulnerable the former really is.
    Gustave: "You see, I was injured in the war, and it will never heal. Good evening, mademoiselle." *turns to leave*
    Lisette: "I lost my brother" *inserts a flower on his tunic*
  • While it's mostly Played for Laughs, the resolution of the subplot of the police officer's runaway pregnant wife is this - she returns to him, he decides the baby's his, and the Station Inspector is asked to be the godfather.
  • Not only does Inspector Gustave attend the party at the end of the film, but he mentions that Hugo was responsible for designing the new mechanism for his injured leg.