Heartwarming / Hugh Jackman

  • Listen to any interview where Hugh talks about his family. They are beyond precious. Particular favorites include his wife laughing about how ripped he got for X-Men Origins: Wolverine ("Look at you. I don't even recognize you any more. Now get in the bed!") and the story he tells about a character he pretends to be for his daughter during playtime right before bed. The character's name is "Bucky" and his daughter was very small and couldn't pronounce words correctly so the name always came out "Fucky" when she got excited. You can imagine she said this in public once and poor Hugh got some very confused looks.
  • His wife told him she was going to the bathroom during the 2012 Tony Awards. Then she emerges out on stage with an award for him.
  • When Jennifer Lawrence faceplanted at the 2013 Oscars, Hugh was immediately the first person to spring up to help her back to her feet.
    • Funnier still, Jennifer had no idea until a reporter told her afterwards. She immediately cheered when she found out it was on camera, no less.
  • It's very clear that part of the reason he keeps going back to play Wolverine, even if he's merely making a one line cameo, is that he simply loves playing the character.
    • And he also is adamant that, as much as he loves the character, he's getting older and is looking forward to Passing the Torch to the next actor that gets to wield the adamantium claws. That's remarkably humble for an actor who has become world-famous for a role. Indeed, he played Wolverine one last time in Logan.