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Forbidden Friendship.

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     Book series 
  • The relationship between Hiccup and Fishlegs. This comes to a head in How to Cheat a Dragon's Curse (see below).
  • In fact, the Power Trio of Hiccup, Fishlegs, and Camicazi. The way they always have each other's backs is just a perfect CMOH for the books.
How to Cheat a Dragon's Curse
  • The reason why Stoick won't let Hiccup go on a quest to save Fishlegs: Hiccup is his only child, venturing into dangerous enemy territory to assist a little "weirdo" and find a vegetable that may be imaginary from a country that may not exist. He gets Anger Born of Worry at the end because of how Hiccup may have risked his life for nothing.
  • Hiccup goes on a dangerous quest through enemy territory to get an antidote to save his friend's life. The ending makes it even more heartwarming — Hiccup actually got bitten by the Venomous Vorpent. He spends the whole book dying, and he doesn't even realize because he's too busy trying to save Fishlegs. Fishlegs then returns the favor by shooting Hiccup in the toe with the cure after realizing what Hiccup is trying to tell him.
  • The Doomfang later on becomes loyal to Hiccup, from a distance. He recalls how when he becomes chief it would guide him and his men out of dangerous waters, play with him. Even more so heartwarming since Hiccup didn't want to surrender the curative potato to him, but for the Doomfang it was I Owe You My Life and Defeat Means Friendship .
How to Ride A Dragon's Storm.
  • After Hiccup is injured and unconscious while in the sea in 'How to Ride a Dragon's Storm', Toothless' reaction and desperate attempts to keep his master's face out out the water counts. For all his complaining, Toothless genuinely does love Hiccup.
  • Camicazi and Fishlegs putting the unconscious Hiccup on the floating piece of wood Titanic style and paddling desperately for land is a wonderful demonstration of how goddamn great these kids are.
How to Steal A Dragon's Sword
  • When Hiccup is abandoned by the Hooligan Tribe in How to Steal a Dragon's Sword, Fishlegs gives his lobster-claw necklace to Hiccup, the only valuable thing he has in the world.
How to Seize a Dragon's Jewel
  • Camicazi fails to defend Hiccup when his slavemark is revealed in How to Steal a Dragon's Sword, but immediately regrets it. The next books make it clear that she believes in him as strongly as she ever did, and she is bound and determined never, ever to let him down like that again. Equally heartwarming is the fact that he never stopped trusting her in the first place.
  • Hiccup spends most of the book desperately trying to find him again. When he finally does and Fishlegs protests that he isn't important enough to waste time on, Hiccup immediately responds, "You are important!"
  • How Hiccup, Gobber and Stoick treat Eggingarde.
  • Hiccup, Camicazi and the escape artists helping Eggingarde to escape and her subsequent reunion with Bear Mama. The readers aren't told anymore of what happens after the escape artists leave with her, but the little illustration of her smiling with her mother is enough to make any person smile/tear up a little.
  • The Windwalker, The Wodensfang and Toothless protecting Hiccup and their insistence on him wearing the Visithug helmet while they are fighting Valhallarama
  • The illustration of Hiccup, the Wodensfang and Toothless sleeping with the Windwalker curled around them protectively is adorable.
How to Fight A Dragon's Fury
  • Stoick in Book Twelve telling Hiccup he wants to go in Hiccup's place to face Furious, but knows that neither of them have a choice. Doubles as a Tear Jerker.
  • Camicazi protecting Hiccup from female admirers after he's crowned king. There's No Romantic Resolution but she may have developed feelings for Hiccup.
  • After the events of the series, after a lifetime of Valhallarma being a Missing Mom and an antagonist at times, she and Hiccup mend their relationship.

     First film 
  • The Forbidden Friendship scene where Hiccup tries to approach Toothless close up. When Toothless sees him drawing a picture of himself, the dragon tries to draw his own version on the ground around him, to a light twinkling melody on the soundtrack. When Hiccup learns that he must not step on the lines of Toothless' drawing, he effectively goes into a dance avoiding them, climaxing when he is face to face with the dragon. At that moment, Hiccup takes a leap of faith, averts his eyes and reaches out for the dragon; when Toothless touches him in response, it is an act of trust that will begin to change everything about both their worlds.
    • The little uncertain false start that Toothless gets sells it.
  • Part of Hiccup's Training Montage where he learns how to tame dragons includes discovering that dragons love neck scritches and have a cat-like fascination with moving light spots (essentially a proto-laser pointer). Toothless's expressions are what sell it.
  • Astrid's first flight with Toothless, in which she goes from hardened warrior to awestruck teenage girl (and no, in this case that's not a bad thing). Especially the moment when she unselfconsciously wraps her arms around Hiccup and leans her chin on his shoulder - judging from the look on Hiccup's face, that's just as amazing as the flying itself.
  • Astrid's little talk on the top of the wharf after the vikings left for killing all the dragons
  • The ending where Toothless helps Hiccup walk with his new artificial leg. Also the five minutes preceding that scene where Toothless has Hiccup covered in his wings to shield him from the explosion. Warning: these scenes may reduce you to tears.
    • If not then the music that plays during the scene when Hiccup realizes he's missing his leg will.
    • Toothless' tail sweeps into frame as he helps Hiccup to the door, and you realize that their bond will be stronger than ever before since the boy & his dragon have another thing in common.
  • "I'm proud to call you my son." There's a moment in a parent's life where you suddenly look at your child and think, "Wait a minute, when did you become this person?" and it's usually when they're around Hiccup's age. He's spent his whole life being a disappointment to the village because he can't be what the rest of them are, so that's really all they know of him but when the Green Death is laying waste to all of the vikings and their ship, and Stoick is prepared to die just for a slight advantage, the children come flying in on dragons, overturning generations of belief. All the time Hiccup has spent working with Toothless is reflected in this moment, when he and his peers and doing something no one else ever dreamed of. When Stoick says he's proud of his son, it isn't because Hiccup has met the standards that everyone else has already set. It's because he's done something amazing, on his own, and developed into a strong and independent person that his father didn't even realize was there. It's truly an emotional moment in any parent's life.
    • A close second to this one - the scene as the kids arrive on the dragons, Gobber turns to Stoick and points out that Hiccup is just as stubborn a viking as Stoick ever was. The look on Stoick's face as he nods in response to this comment is a testimony to the CGI artists' skill.
      • It also shows that Gobber is still quick to defend Hiccup, even after his deception's revealed.
  • After Toothless refused to share his food with the Terrible Terror, Hiccup did. The tiny dragon then cautiously approached him, then curled up and fell asleep under his hand.
    • Especially when you realize that the Terrible Terror's design is the Toothless design from the book.
  • The scene where Toothless finally lets Hiccup touch him.
    • What makes the drawing part even more heart-warming...Toothless gets "inspired" to draw something after watching Hiccup do a sketch of him in the dirt. As he draws, he looks back at Hiccup for a moment before returning to the drawing. And then the Late to the Punchline moment passes and one realizes he was trying to draw Hiccup. Furthermore, after Hiccup gets the idea that he mustn't step on the lines, he effectively goes into a dance stepping around them, with the score playing "Forbidden Friendship" until he winds up in front of Toothless and then he takes the above leap of faith.
    • EVERY scene with Toothless. He's like a big kitty in dragon form.
  • When Astrid punches Hiccup ("That's for kidnapping me!") and then gives him the most adorable shy-girl kiss on the cheek ("That's for everything else.").
    • And then at the end of the movie... After Hiccup walks outside, seeing the Vikings and dragons getting along peacefully and working together, Astrid punches his arm again, saying "That's for scaring me! (in reference to his Disney Death). Then when he protests, she kisses him right on the lips. The rest of the line goes unspoken, but is heavily implied.
  • Necessarily brief, as it occurred during the Final Battle: when Toothless snatches Astrid out of mid-air, he looks around to make sure she's all right. She smiles back, and his eyes dilate and he makes his "happy to see you!" warble. He likes her!
  • A heartwarming moment in very tense and terrifying scene: Toothless stopping immediately from blasting Stoick in the ring when Hiccup screamed at him to stop. The absolute trust he has in Hiccup, so much so that he stopped the attack completely is beautiful, and made his subsequent capture even more gut-wrenching.
    • A sharp eyed viewer can also see Toothless's pupils dilate briefly when looking at Hiccup while fighting off the Vikings.
  • The part after the Green Death is destroyed when Stoick is searching frantically for his son. Toothless (who has Hiccup perfectly safe in his wings) is lying down nearby, and that measured look of cold disapproval he gives Stoick as he mourns the apparent death of his son shows that he'll only allow Stoick near after he's realized his mistake. It makes you realize that he's looking out for his friend, to the very end.
  • The scene where Astrid encounters Toothless for the first time. She has just been yelling at Hiccup and beating him up for suddenly being so good in dragon training, but when she sees Toothless her first instinct is to push him to the ground and try to protect him from a perceived threat, showing how she's not so bad after all.
    • Also, how Toothless and Astrid are both trying to protect Hiccup from each other.
  • After Stoick saves Hiccup from drowning, he immediately dives back in to get Toothless, having accepted that his view of dragons is wrong. Once he breaks Toothless free from his bindings, Toothless carries him to shore.
  • It's brief, and not as strong as the other examples listed here, but Ruffnut being able to pull Tuffnut out of a Nadder's fire when they were arguing literally a second before. Later, as soon as she senses trouble, goes to check if he's OK during the Zippleback exercise without a moment's hesitation. As much as they argue like brats, it's nice to know at least one of them's looking out for the other.
  • A double moment in the climatic battle with the Green Death - Toothless is trapped and about to drown in a harness. Hiccup refuses to leave him, preferring to drown with him. Doubles - and also doubles as a crowning moment of Awesome - when Stoic saves Hiccup, and then swims back down, where he tears the heavy wood-and-metal harness apart with his BARE HANDS.
  • Stoick and Gobber have a great friendship.
    Stoick: I can buy the men a few minutes if I give that thing something to hunt.
    Gobber: *clasps hands with him* Then I can double that time.
  • After getting back from the dragon's den, Hiccup begs Astrid not to tell Stoick about it because he's afraid his father will kill Toothless. Astrid asks if his "pet dragon" is more important than the island they've been looking after for centuries, and Hiccup simply says yes. What's heartwarming is that Astrid immediately backs down and agrees to give him time to figure out what to do, showing how much she's grown to trust him just from her brief experience with him and Toothless.
  • The part at the very end with the perfect capper to the "All of...this" Running Gag. After the gag was used to signify that Hiccup had to stop being Hiccup in order to be a true Viking, Stoick instead pats his son on the back and says "Turns out what we needed was a little more of...this!" The way Hiccup then says "You just gestured to all of me" followed by Stoick's very lovely smile perfects the scene.
  • Gobber's relationship to Hiccup is one of the best Parental Substitute Vitriolic Best Buds relationships ever! In spite of all of Gobber's gentle ribbing, he's extremely protective of Hiccup and is one of the few Vikings pre-Toothless who saw more in Hiccup than just a scrawny nuisance.
  • As funny as the "breast-hat" scene is in its awkwardness, the fact that Stoick wears part of his departed wife's armor on a daily basis because it "Keeps her close" is quite sweet in its own way.
  • Stoick and Hiccup's "Breast-hats". Yes the helmets made from his mom's brestplate was played for laughs, but Stoick's genuin, "keeps her close." comment rings true. In the post movie works Hiccup is seen wearing it proudly.
  • Hiccup loses his left leg. You know, the one that's on the same side as Toothless's missing fin. Meaning that Hiccup is using his prosthetic leg to control Toothless's prosthetic tail. Their missing limbs have already been pointed out to be a symbol of their bond, but this small fact really drives that home.
  • Snotlout meets Hookfang. The moment Snotlout puts his hand on Hookfang's snout, the latter starts to purr like an overgrown cat. Snotlout's response is to laugh in disbelief and awe. They instantly bond with each other, which is incredible, given that Snotlout was terrified not moments before, and Hookfang's last experience with humans got him beaten up by a Night Fury.
  • Toothless giving Hiccup the vomited up fish. He only does so when Hiccup states that he didn't have any more fish. Think about this from Toothless's perspective. He must've seen humans before, and the ones he'd have seen would be big, burly and strong. Hiccup is tiny and weak. He thought that Hiccup had only managed to catch one fish, and yet he'd given it to Toothless and not eaten it himself.

     Gift of the Night Fury 
  • The entire "Gift of the Night Fury" short, but especially the titular gift. After being given an interlocked tailfin so he can fly independently, Toothless uses it to retrieve Hiccup's helmet, returns, and then systematically destroys it, insisting on the old saddle and tailfin - and his bond - instead.
    • Hiccup's original gift is heartwarming in it's own right. You can tell that he genuinely sad at the idea of Toothless flying without him and worried he'll leave him behind. But he stays up all night building the tail anyway and doesn't hesitate to give it to him because he thinks it will make Toothless happy. Hiccup can never properly fix himself, but that won't stop him helping his dragon.
  • The moment he can fly alone with his new tail, what's the first thing Toothless does? Spends days searching for Hiccup's helmet and bringing it back to him as a Snoggletog gift. If a sweeter, more devoted dragon exists, no one's found it yet.
  • The scene at the begining of "Gift of the Night Fury" when a small chlid (wearing a dragon costume no less) growls at Fishlegs' Dragon, the Dragon responds with a small growl of its own. What does the girl do? She giggles!
  • Seeing the Vikings so worried about the dragons leaving is very heartwarming compared to how they used to treat them.
    • Paired with that, the Viking's overjoyed reactions and cheering when Hiccup returns with the dragons and all their babies. He's come a long way from being the village outcast.
  • The second kiss between Hiccup and Astrid at the end when she's trying to cheer him up over Toothless not returning with the other dragons. She tells him he still did a wonderful thing by bringing everyone else's dragons back then just kisses him on the lips and hugs him tight.
  • Hiccup and Toothless's reunion. First Toothless creeps into the hall, his eyes literally lighting up when he finds Hiccup. Then when Hiccup turns around and see's him, they run towards each other and have a huge hug in front of everyone.
    • All of Hiccups dialogue in that scene, from the joyful 'Toothless!" when he first see's him to thanking him for finding his helmet.
    Hiccup: "That's where you've been? Buddy...thank you, you are amazing" [Another hug]
    • When camera switches to the high-up view, it shows Astrid going to hug Toothless just before it goes to the next scene.
  • The Japanese trailer for the movie has this line which perfectly summarizes Hiccup and Toothless' relationship: "The boy gave the dragon wings. The dragon gave the boy courage."

     The Book of Dragons 
  • In "The Book of Dragons," it's of course Hiccup who gives the lesson on Night Furies. When talking about Toothless, he comes to this touching line:
    Hiccup: I have so many questions about him, but there's one thing I do know.
  • At the end, it's brought up how because there's so little known about Night Furies, they don't know a lot about Toothless, like how fast he can go. Toothless then immediately pops into frame, his body language screaming "Can we find out? Huh? Can we can we can we?", and he and the kids run outside to find out.