Heartwarming / House of the Dead

  • In the Golden Ending of the first game, Rogan's fiance, Sophie, survives the attack by The Chariot. And if the existence of Lisa in the third game is any indication, her survival is canon.
  • HotD3 has one from the first Antagonist, Curien. Why did he go so far in his experiments, stepping into forbidden grounds? To save his terminally-ill son, Daniel. And he succeeded.
  • In the special edition for 4, after the end of each game, there is a 'Partner Rating' to judge how well the two players cooperated with each other. If you managed to get a very high score, this will be the message that you get.
    As long as there are couples like you in this world, there will always be hope for us all.
  • In the special G ending of 4, G is shown at the site where James sacrificed himself to destroy The World. G declares that he's going to "take this fight back to the source", before telling the deceased agent that it's time for him to rest. Additionally, since he was incapacitated in 2, James and Gary took on the undead menace when he couldn't. Therefore, him paying his respects to James makes more sense.