[[folder: Honey, I Shrunk the Kids]]
* Russ Junior's BigBrotherInstinct towards Nick. Goes to show how much of a NiceGuy he is, that he doesn't hold any grudge towards the Szalinskis.
* Anty, the ant, refusing to leave the kids despite [[MouthyKid Ron]] telling her that he's free to go.
** Later, while scouting around (probably for food) Anty comes back and rescues the kids from the Scorpion when she hears Ron cry out.
* Diane [[SecurityCling clinging to Wayne]] after he says he feels the same way about getting the family back together.
* Diane whispering this one line [[BeautifulDreamer as Wayne rests after fixing the shrink ray he destroyed out of frustration earlier]].
-->"I love you, Wayne Szalinski."
* The ending.

[[folder: Honey, I Blew Up the Kid]]
* It's brief, but Amy saying goodbye to Wayne and Nick before she heads off to college.
* Adam himself for just how unbelievably cute he is.
* Diane deciding to be enlarged to get Adam back to normal, despite Wayne's protests.
* The entire crowd of Vegas, only moments ago terrified of Adam, watched together in ''compassion'' as he was frightened to tears by the tranquilizer rifle.
** Also, when they cheer when Adam saves Nick and Mandy from ffalling.
* Combined with a CrowningMomentOfAwesome, Diane stopping [[InsufferableGenius Dr. Hendrickson]] and consoling Adam.
* After driving the ice cream truck to get Adam out of town, Brooks gives Adam a popsicle for everything he, and Adam, have been through. Aww....
* Nick and Mandy enjoying a moment together in the car, still shrunk but now safe, with Mandy thanking Nick for saving her life. Wayne and Diane decide to let the two enjoy themselves before returning them to normal size.

[[folder: Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves]]
* Before getting into the bubble machine, Wayne and Diane admit to loving everything about each other.
* The Daddy Longlegs whom, after being rescued by the parents from a spider web, helps them out in turn.
* The ending, where [[spoiler:Wayne gives his brother Gordon the title of president of Szalinski Labs]].
* Adam and Mitch made a family made of hot dogs, including a baby made of cocktail wieners. You gotta admit that's cute.