Heartwarming / Homicide: Life on the Street

  • Night of the Dead Living has all the detectives stuck in the nightshift on a really hot night. Someone lit a candle at the beginning, and throughout the episode, many of the detectives try to find out who. There are a number of plots in the episode, like a Janitor named Loretta comforting Kay over her sister's cancer, and the group finding a baby downstairs, and making a makeshift crib out of a drawer for him. Officer Thormann gets the kid a fan and some ice to cool down (confessing that he one day wants a kid), while Bayliss gets milk from the Vice squad. Munch breaks up with his girl friend in a comical fashion, and the other detectives blow out the candle to see who will relight it. In the end, the baby is given back to her mother, the Janitor, and Gee takes almost everyone upstairs when day breaks to spray them with a hose. In the end, it's revealed that Munch lights the candle to honor those who've died, and Thormann re-lit it while he was out, because it's special to him.
  • Pembleton in "Crosetti", acting as a one man honor guard at Crosetti's funeral after the brass decides (for purely political reasons) not to give him one as Crosetti committed suicide.
  • In "Dead End" and "End Game," Felton nurses a heavy sense of guilt after Howard receives more critical injuries than he did in the shooting, and all because she insisted on going through the door first. When she finally wakes up, he's holding her hand; when Russert later mends fences with Howard by bringing her a keepsake from her desk, Felton has fallen asleep with his head on the bed. "That's my partner," Kay says affectionately.
  • In "All is Bright", Munch delivers a spontaneous (if tactfully phrased) eulogy for his hated former mother-in-law to his co-workers at a work Christmas party, after no one but him, his ex-wife, a paid shill and the author Peter Maas show up at her funeral (and the latter was only there to make sure she was dead).