Heartwarming / Hideki Kamiya

  • A fan told Kamiya on Twitter, "I want to be like you when I grow up." Kamiya's response? "You gotta be you. Only one in the world."
  • One fan tweeted Kamiya some old magazine scans from the time of Resident Evil 2. Kamiya was pleasantly surprised to see them, and seemed genuinely thankful to have seen such old photos of him and his team again.
  • Occasionally, Kamiya is asked about his childhood and upbringing on twitter, and some of his answers are surprisingly sweet.
    Fan: Who were your heroes when you were a child?
    Kamiya: My cousin. He was 2 years older and lived in near Tokyo and taught me anything.
  • Kamiya's father modelling a Bayonetta shirt.
  • This video feature conducted by IGN. It's clear just watching it that Kamiya is a huge video game aficionado himself, and his goal in making games is ensuring people get to experience the same type of joy he did playing arcade games in the '80s.
  • Fans who come to him talking trash about Capcom often get reprimanded at best and blocked at worst. Why? Even after all that's happened, Kamiya still holds a lot of respect for the company that he made his name in.
    • Even now, Kamiya would still like to work with Capcom again if the opportunity arises. Despite all the conflicts he had with the studio during his time working with them, Kamiya holds no ill-will towards the company.
      • This has begun to make much more sense in recent years due to greater insight into what had been going on in Capcom. Keiji Inafune, who has been the subject of scrutiny since leaving Capcom, was revealed as one of the key people who got Clover Studios shut downnote , and much of the creative stagnation Capcom has gone through as of late were due to archaic design choices and executive decisions. Many of the things that caused tension for Kamiya are no longer present at Capcom.
    Kamiya: ''There are people that think I was let go or fired from the team or from the staff at Capcom, but that is not what happened. It was just time for me to work with my partners and friends and colleagues, who I wanted to work with, and start a new venture and create new opportunities for ourselves. So I left of my own will and my own desire, to form Platinum Games with some other colleagues of mine......So that is the truth, and I actually felt a little bad for leaving. Because Capcom tried to stop me leaving and joining my other partners at Platinum. So there’s a sense that if there’s ever a chance that we can not only work together but help bring new life into maybe a Capcom title, or work on a Capcom partnership, then, again, I would very much welcome the opportunity."
  • Shortly after Bayonetta was revealed for the fourth Super Smash Bros. game, Kamiya tweeted: "To Sakurai and all Smash idiots: I LOVE YOU." Even with all the tweets he constantly gets about Smash Bros, he still cares about the fans and appreciates their support for Bayonetta in the game.
  • Following the tragic news of Satoru Iwata's passing, Kamiya tweeted this picture of the two of them together along with the words "In my heart forever."
  • Related to the above example of Kamiya still highly respecting Capcom and wishing to work with them again is his desire to have Dante and Bayonetta meet and team up with each other, and for him to be the one to make that game. You can tell that Kamiya still has a lot of love for his old characters, and that Bayonetta has clearly not replaced Dante in his heart as he has room for both of them. In fact, he rejected the idea of Bayonetta appearing in the Project X Zone series because of his desire to be the one behind the game that introduces her to Dante (although he did admit that he regretted it after seeing the game in action). Another example would be the ferocity in which he blocks and dismisses people trying to pester him on Twitter about who would win in a fight between the two characters. It seems almost like making a father choose between his children.
  • After the cancellation of Scalebound, Kamiya thought he will get a lot of flak for it because he was the director in charge of the game, but to his surprise, he got lots of love and support from his fans, showing how much he is a model for his fanbase despite his trolling and won't give up in creating new games.