Heartwarming: Hideki Kamiya

  • A fan told Kamiya on Twitter, "I want to be like you when I grow up." Kamiya's response? "You gotta be you. Only one in the world."
  • One fan tweeted Kamiya some old magazine scans from the time of Resident Evil 2. Kamiya was pleasantly surprised to see them, and seemed genuinely thankful to have seen such old photos of him and his team again.
  • Occasionally, Kamiya is asked about his childhood and upbringing on twitter, and some of his answers are surprisingly sweet.
    Fan: Who were your heroes when you were a child?
    Kamiya: My cousin. He was 2 years older and lived in near Tokyo and taught me anything.
  • Kamiya's father modelling a Bayonetta shirt.
  • This video feature conducted by IGN. It's clear just watching it that Kamiya is a huge video game aficionado himself, and his goal in making games is ensuring people get to experience the same type of joy he did playing arcade games in the '80s.
  • Fans who come to him talking trash about Capcom often get reprimanded at best and blocked at worst. Why? Even after all that's happened, Kamiya still holds a lot of respect for the company that he made his name in.
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