* "Redemption," after Dahak is defeated:
-->'''Iolaus:''' You never gave up on me.\\
'''Hercules:''' What do you expect? You're the best friend I ever had.\\
'''Iolaus:''' Oh, but I betrayed you, Hercules. I betrayed you and everyone else that had faith in me. I just hope you can find it somewhere in your heart to forgive me.\\
'''Hercules:''' I already have.
** After the first of the flashbacks showing how Dahak tempted Iolaus.
--->'''Hercules:''' You sold him a lie.\\
'''Dahak:''' I didn't have to sell him anything. The seeds of doubt were already in his own heart.\\
'''Hercules:''' Iolaus was a hero in his own right.\\
'''Dahak:''' That's what you tell yourself to placate your guilt, but you know the truth, don't you? You used him merely as a traveling companion on the road to your destiny.\\
''(Hercules starts laughing)''\\
'''Dahak:''' What's so funny?\\
'''Hercules:''' You obviously don't know Iolaus very well. You're too selfish to understand. Whenever I lost sight of what we were fighting for, Iolaus reminded me through his own courage and strength. I don't know what his life would've been like without me, but I can't imagine my life without him.
* "Fade Out," as Hercules may vanish forever, he says this to Iolaus 2:
-->"Before we met, you saw yourself as a jester, so that's what you were. I saw you as a hero who didn't know it yet. Once you saw yourself that way, too; well, that's what you became. We are who we perceive ourselves to be."
* "Top God," just before leaving for Mount Olympus and full godhood, Hercules bids farewell to Iolaus and Jason - calling the former "my brother."
** And in "Reunions", after Hercules comes back from his godhood and finds Iolaus again:
--->'''Iolaus:''' So, what happened?\\
'''Hercules:''' I realized how much my family means to me. And... you're it.\\
''(Iolaus turns away so Hercules doesn't see him cry)''
* In "Darkness Rising," Hercules finds most of the Druids dead and young Mabon barely clinging to life.
-->'''Mabon:''' It hurts, Hercules. PleaseDontLeaveMe. I'm afraid.\\
'''Hercules:''' ''(cradling him)'' I'm right here. I won't leave you.
* In "Centaur Mentor Journey," Hercules' YouAreNotAlone moment with Theseus.
-->'''Hercules:''' I'm sorry you have to go through this. It's never easy letting someone you love go.\\
'''Theseus:''' What do you know about it?\\
'''Hercules:''' More than I ever wanted to.\\
'''Theseus:''' Cassius used to be my friend, but now Ceridian's the only one I have left.\\
'''Hercules:''' No, I'm your friend, too. I know what youíre feeling. Ceridian was always there when I needed him.\\
'''Theseus:''' But when heís dead?\\
'''Hercules:''' He'll still be there. You'll see. Just be grateful for this time youíve had with him and know that he's going to a better place.\\
'''Theseus:''' Do the Elysian Fields really exist?\\
'''Hercules:''' I've been there.
* After [[spoiler: Iolaus' death]], a distraught Hercules states that [[spoiler: Iolaus]] was ''his'' hero.
* In the final episode, Ares' demi-god son Evander is mortally wounded. Horrified, Hera and Zeus rush to save their grandson, and heal him by combining their powers. The experience causes the two to realize they still love each other, and Hera even thanks Hercules for his help in all this.