Heartwarming / Hark! A Vagrant

  • The 2005 Christmas strip, "Cookies". Two people who did selfless things for no reason. Very heartwarming.
  • All of Beaton's 'younger self' comics are extremely poignant, touching works. They're categorized here, under 'youngerself'. Special mentions go out to "birdhouse" and "treasure", both being a very sort of melancholy and heartwarming take on the subject, full of nostalgia and looking back on days when things were much different. The younger self comics can be painful to read, or laugh out loud funny, or just plain thoughtful, but everyone can relate to at least one.
  • This Mother's Day one about a mother who cheers up a discouraged Beaton, and the final word from her dad.
  • The first "Peasants" comic about the unnamed medieval peasant couple.
    Man: You dont have to live here in squalor. You can live in squalor... with me *proposes*