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Heartwarming: Happy Feet
  • In the sequel, the entire scene where Gloria sings "Bridge of Light" to Erik. It gets better when the other penguins join in.
    • It gets more Heartwarming at the end when Erik joins in.
  • Erik singing an improvised opera about how heroic and brave his father is to convince the elephant seals to help the penguins, and it works.
  • Everyone trying to help each other out from being trapped to the song Under Pressure.
    • Even the penguins who are trapped help by singing and encouraging the penguins and elephant seals who are pounding on the ice.
  • Erik dancing on Mumble's feet near the beginning. Sure, it goes wrong less than a minute later, but the sheer joy on his face is wonderful to see.
  • In the first film, the Amigos just accept Mumble as one of their own, no questions asked, and they stick by him all through both films. Fast and true friends, indeed.
  • Ramon finally winning Carmen's heart off by leaping off the doomberg to join her in the blocked-off Emperorland.
    Ramon: A thousand lifetimes up there is nothing to this one exquisite moment by your side.
  • The aliens/human expedition team dancing with the penguins in the first film.
  • Bryan's breathless, overjoyed "Boys..." upon seeing his pups again, after Mumble saves him from the ice crevice.
  • Sven reassuring Erik that he believes in him, and giving him the "if you want it, you must will it; if you will it, it will be yours" mantra. And receiving a big hug in return.
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