Heartwarming: Guillermo del Toro

  • On Tumblr, a couple fans of Pacific Rim decided to try and get people to hold a "Jaeger Con 2013" on the weekend of August 9-11, since August 10th, 2013 is the date of landfall for Trespasser, the first Kaiju ever to attack. It ballooned from a minor idea of hanging out with fellow Pacific Rim fans to an impressive collection of entirely fan organized world-wide meetups, cosplay, giveaways, gift exchanges, and more, leading up to interviews with the cast and crew of the movie itself. This culminated in a message sent to the person who started the entire thing by Guillermo Del Toro himself, expressing his gratitude towards the fans of the movie and how thankful he is that they've chosen to support the film in such a way.
    I welcome you to this, our first Jaegercon in Tumblr with a message of great love. Love for all things giant and ungainly and out of place in this world. Love for Kaiju and love for dented, rusty Jaegers that guard the coasts and cities like vanquished mecha knights. Love for human imperfection in the hearts of the pilots that need to trust the neural link and love for everyone that showed up in a theatre to see Pacific Rim on the big screen- specially in glorious 3-D. I urge you all to celebrate one more time by seeing it in those conditions before it moves on to the confines of your TV, no matter how big it is. To experience it with family and friends one more time in a theatre in 3-D or in Atmos or in Imax. Regardless of your choice- I thank you for loving this movie as much as I do and as much as we all did in making it. Thank You for your time and dedication. By Guillermo del Toro. Toronto, Kaiju day 1, 2013
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