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Heartwarming: Grimm
  • The scene where Nick talks with Roddy at the end of "Danse Macabre". It's a fairly quiet moment, but Roddy's unspoken acknowledgement that Nick honestly doesn't mean to harm him and that his anger-driven plan of revenge could have ended up a lot worse is rather touching.
  • Monroe's inspirational speech to Roddy, about recognizing the beauty of his talent, and the way their lives "collide in the most bizarre ways," finishing up with giving him his card and a promise that Roddy can call him if he needs anything. Awesome to see Monroe's softer side.
  • Nick and Monroe's interaction with Holly Clark, the feral Blutbad girl.
  • Holly and her mother's reunion after nine years apart.
  • Renard being protective of both Hank and Nick when the Ogre starts coming after them.
  • From "Organ Grinders", Nick and Juliet taking two homeless kids out to dinner.
  • Juliette and Monroe’s official introduction after Monroe had complained that he was rescuing a girl he hadn’t met.
  • Nick, who has so far tried hard to stick to Lawful Good, protecting the woman who tried to kill his aunt and rarely doing more than stretch the truth to hide the supernatural elements of his investigation that he can't explain, drives Ian Harmon to the bus station and gives him back his forged documents rather than arrest him for a justified but cold-blooded murder he just saw him commit—because it's the only way to protect his friends Rosalee and Monroe.
  • Monroe and Rosalee rushing towards each other after there was a fight. "ARE YOU OKAY ?".
  • Monroe stepping in a fight to defend Nick, and Rosalee interposing for everyone's sake despite being much weaker than both fighters.
  • Rosalee gives Mama Burkhardt a farewell hug. And yes, that was a smile.
  • Mama Burkhardt and Monroe giving each other an approving eye waggle in mutual respect for each other's toughness and dedication to Nick. Considering who they are and the sort of culture they grew up on, it's saying something.
  • Hank having the mental fortitude to handle finding out 1) that he's not crazy and 2) that his goddaughter and one of his best friends are Wesen. He doesn't let the revelation change his relationship with them.
  • Most of the dates at the beginning of "Over My Dead Body" could count. It's very sweet to see Nick and Juliette get a fresh start after every thing that's happened, and Monroe and Rosalee were just too cute being their adorkable selves. Then Angelina arrives, and it all goes to Hell...
  • As Hank and Nick go through Aunt Marie's trailer, Hank asks Nick how he can possibly sleep with all the horror inside. Nick's answer: "I got you watching my back."
  • Bud hugging Nick and Hank after they rescue him from immanent death
  • Hank gets one with the victim in "To Protect And Serve Man". After saving the man from execution, they share a moment over the fact that they both know about Wesen. As with Hank, the man becomes much calmer over the fact that he and another share the same secret knowledge. That, as Hank put it, he wasn't crazy.
  • Monroe comforting Juliette after Nick finds out she kissed someone else in "Season Of The Hexenbiest".
    • Similarly, Monroe letting Nick move in with him after Nick's split with Juliette.
    • Monroe and Rosalee's reunion. He's all flustered and dithering about how to greet her, she simply walks up to him and kisses him in a very comfortable way, as if they've been an established couple for a long time.
  • Seeing Hank, Nick, Rosalee and Monroe all eating together as they discuss the whole Renard situation in "Mr. Sandman". Looks like the Grimm Gang is starting to become like a family.
  • In a Black Comedy kind of way: Catherine has just left the spice shop after treating Rosalee quite rudely, including complaints about the prices. Unknown to her, Monroe was in the back, out of sight.
    Monroe: Cheapskate has no idea how close she came to getting her throat ripped out.
    Rosalee: That's so sweet!
  • In the same vein as the above, "One Angry Fuchsbau" has a Ziegevolk lawyer who has just lost a court case because of Rosalee, only to run into her later in the spice shop, as well as Monroe. The Ziegevolk tries to attack her, so what does Monroe do? He picks the lawyer up and throws him into the spice cabinet. Nick actually had to pull Monroe off of him to make him stop, so it goes without saying that you do not mess with Rosalee around him.
  • Juliette's flashback to when her and Nick first moved in together.
  • In "Endangered," Juliette's flashback to when she and Nick first said "I love you" at a party. When she comes out of the memory, we see her staring at the photo of them kissing under the mistletoe with the first real smile we've seen on her in ages.
  • Monroe, Rosalee, Renard, and Juliette working together to save Nick after he falls under the control of a Musai.
  • Juliette successfully convincing Rosalee, Bud and Monroe to woge for her because she not only wants to remember Nick but she wants to understand him too.
  • Season 3 premier. Monroe is very insistent that they have to get Nick back. The power of the royals be damned, that's his friend!
  • Monroe asking Rosalee to move in with him, and telling her he loves her.....awwwww.
  • When Juliette questions Nick about "M", they calmly sit down and have a discussion, like two adults. It shows how they have come back together as a couple for good.
  • Monroe decks out his house for Christmas in order to surprise Rosalee, a task which requires Juliette's help to be completed by the time she comes home. After he finds out that Rosalee doesn't have the fondest memories of Christmas, he packs everything away overnight for her sake. Then, when Rosalee decides that she wants to move on with her life with Monroe, she redecorates the entire house - also overnight.
  • When Juliette reveals that she knows her friend Alicia is a fuchsbau, things get tense between them. When Juliette casually mentions that Nick's a Grimm, Alicia makes a run for it. Then they bond over the collective ass-kicking of Alicia's abusive husband Joe. Alicia shows Juliette her Game Face and they hug it out. Awww...
  • Monroe proposing marriage to Rosalee...with a cuckoo clock. It's just so...Monroe.
  • After their bigotry and closed mindedness caused a rift between them, Monroe's parents try not to lose their son. His mother tries to get to know Rosalee. His father tries to just leave him. But, when his wife refuses to abandon their son, he tries to change Monroe's mind. It goes rather poorly. When he finds out that Monroe helped Nick hunt Wesen, he is one step from walking out forever. Monroe says that he's going to help Nick take out a Wildesheer, one of the most dangerous Wesen in existence. His father is clearly worried. He just looks lost when he leaves. He follows them and, when the fight starts to go poorly, jumps in to save them.
  • Juliette visiting Wu in the mental hospital and helping him get over the trauma of seeing the Aswang.
  • Alexander, Monroe and Rosalee all Woging at the funeral as a show of respect for the mummified Anubis (who was tortured to death by the Ancient Egyptians so that they (the pharaohs) could "become Gods" in the afterlife.
  • Nick taking Trubel to the trailer, showing her that she's not crazy and he's just like her.
  • Monroe's father goes out of his way to make amends over his initial reaction to Rosalee and Nick and winds up dropping $7200 on a new wedding dress for Rosalee when her sister destroys their grandmother's dress.
    • On a related note, Monroe very graciously lets De Etta off the hook for destroying the dress by telling her that he and Rosalee hated it.
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