Heartwarming: Green Day

  • In 2010, a Mississippi school prom was cancelled after the school's staff found out a lesbian couple would be attending. Outraged, Green Day paid to have the prom held at a different location for all of the students.
  • "Stray Heart" as a whole. The sound is noticeably Lighter and Softer, even on a garage rock album, and the lyrics are infested with CMOHs around how much the narrator loves someone.
    • "Fell for You" has the same effect.
  • Green Day having a special something during a concert in New Mexico where they invite three fans from the crowd onstage (drums, bass, guitar) to play a song with them.
    Billie Joe: We're making dreams come true, people!
  • At the 1:24 mark of this live performance of "Homecoming", Billie Joe stops the song and calls out someone who was giving some kids in the audience a rough time.
    "Hey, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, STOP! (Mike and Tre stop playing) Hey guys, that's not fucking appropriate, man. These kids are just trying to have a good time. You don't have to fucking muscle them around, alright? (crowd cheers) Nobody's fucking getting hurt. Come on, be cool! (continues singing)"
  • Billie Joe's Instagram post addressing his fans and thanking them for giving the band the distinct honor of induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
    dear you

    I can't express enough how much love is in my heart for all of you in our green day community.
    for me to try to put it into words almost feels awkward.
    sometimes I don't always like to use the word "fan". I think I can speak on behalf of me mike and Tre when I call you family or community. Because you all truly grew up together with us and shared this journey together.
    this is more than an award. it's the privilege to play music, write songs and follow this psychotic passion called rock n roll.

    and We share this honor together. because honestly YOU ARE our rock n roll hall of fame.
    idiot nation forever

    rage and love
    Billie Joe