Heartwarming: Green Day

  • In 2010, a Mississippi school prom was cancelled after the school's staff found out a lesbian couple would be attending. Outraged, Green Day paid to have the prom held at a different location for all of the students.
  • "Stray Heart" as a whole. The sound is noticeably Lighter and Softer, even on a garage rock album, and the lyrics are infested with CMOHs around how much the narrator loves someone.
    • "Fell for You" has the same effect.
  • Green Day having a special something during a concert in New Mexico where they invite three fans from the crowd onstage (drums, bass, guitar) to play a song with them.
    Billie Joe: We're making dreams come true, people!
  • At the 1:24 mark of this live performance of "Homecoming", Billie Joe stops the song and calls out someone who was giving some kids in the audience a rough time.
    "Hey, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, STOP! (Mike and Tre stop playing) Hey guys, that's not fucking appropriate, man. These kids are just trying to have a good time. You don't have to fucking muscle them around, alright? (crowd cheers) Nobody's fucking getting hurt. Come on, be cool! (continues singing)"