Heartwarming / Gotham Central

  • When Renee Montoya finally admits to her parents that she is gay they effectively disown her, telling her never to come back, and afterward she gets into her car to go home. She begins to cry, and the reader is about to curse and throw the comic against the wall, but then her girlfriend reaches over and takes her into her arms, telling her "It's okay, I've got you...I've got you..."
  • From the same arc, "Half a Life": Crispus Allen visits his partner Renee Montoya, who's been framed for murder, in lockup and tells her she shouldn't have lied to him. When she protests her innocence, he responds, "I'm not talking about that," indicating both that he knows she's innocent and he wishes she had trusted him with the truth about her sexuality. It's a beautiful moment of faith and acceptance.