Heartwarming / Good Vibes

  • In The Grass is Always Greener, Milan finds Woodie's birthday present to her, which was a picture of them as little kids. She starts to tear up, and pushes away the camera crew who was following her around for her sweet 16 episode.
  • "Blowing Your Wadska", the revelation that Wadska's over the top activites( a paintball fight with him in an Avatar style mech and a non-lethal version of Saw) were merely to let Mondo and Woodie live out their faviorite movies.
    • The later revelation that Mondo and Woodie are the first friends Wadska's had and that the Walkie Talkies he gave them he's been waiting to give to someone for that long just makes it nicer.
  • "The Red Tuxedo" Mondo and Geena's first kiss