Heartwarming / Girls

  • This scene with Hannah and Marnie dancing together to Robyn's "Dancing on My Own", also counts as Crowning Music of Awesome. Link here.
    • To be specific: Marnie just broke up with a guy and Hannah had quite a time (Adam playing around with her tummy fat, a subdued case of Weight Woe, she was told she has HPV, and her ex-boyfriend reveals that he's gay). The two of them dancing together just to forget about their miseries and hug each other before the credits is endearing.
  • "I was always here."
  • In The Return, Loreen apologizes for Hannah for dropping the ball on her regarding not funding her and is glad to see how her daughter is holding up (not that Hannah told the truth about how things are going).
  • Hannah's face in the cab after she and Adam start dating.
    Adam: Look, kid, I don't know what you want from me. Do you want me to be your boyfriend? Is that it? Do you want me to be your fucking boyfriend?
  • Hannah and Sandys' relationship in the first few episodes of the 2nd season....he's the most well-adjusted, sweet, loving guy she's ever dated. And then she fucks it up.
  • From "It's a Shame About Ray":
    Ray: I'm a fucking loser in a lot of ways, Shoshanna, you know that? It's like, like what makes me worth dating, you know? What makes me worth fucking anything?
    Shoshanna: That I'm falling in love with you.
    Ray: That's a crazy thing for you to say! It's way too early for you to say something like that! Way too early! You don't...that's not something that...
    Shoshanna: I-I'm sorry...
    Ray: ...I love you so fucking much.
    Shoshanna: What?
    Ray: I love you so fucking much.
    • Speaking of "It's a Shame About Ray," the ending scene with Hannah comforting Jessa in the bathtub.
  • Females Only
    • Adam and Hannah spooning, and then helping her with her pill intake.
    • Natalia's (Adam's date from Season 2) friend Angie, coming with her to confront Adam about his treatment of her and how he left without an explanation. It is very dramatic and it ends with the sweet Natalia wishing Adam and Hannah a crappy life with a baby after Angie exaggerates with a pregnancy, but it's nice to see a friendship where both parties totally support each other and would back up one another.
    • Hannah telling her therapist about Adam and how he helps calm her down.
  • Adam and Shoshanna commiserating with one another on the road trip.
  • Hannah bidding her grandmother goodbye in Flo, along with remember the good times she had with her and not the times where her grandmother made her feel fat.
    • Hannah's single and childless Aunt, when fighting for her Mother's engagement ring, stated that when she was stood up for her prom that her Mom promised her that ring.
    • Adam rushing (from NYC to Michigan in one night and a few hours) after he gets a text from Hannah about being in a car accident with her cousin, kissing her and scolding her for being so vague and panicking him.
  • Marnie comforting Shoshanna after the latter found out she's not graduating after missing 3 credits, Marnie told her something happened in college with a Hinduism class and Shosh is happy that Marnie can screw up too...until the older girl reveals she has been sleeping with Ray.
  • In "Cubbies", Shoshanna admitting to Ray that it was her fault their relationship ended and that she did actually love him.
  • In the 4th season finale, Caroline names her daughter Jessa Hannah after Jessa and Hannah, since Hannah called Jessa over and Jessa ended up helping with the birth.
  • In Queen for Two Days, Adam defends Jessa against her half-sister, who refuses to give Jessa money since Jessa doesn't stick to things, and states that Jessa “is a beautiful fuckin’ rainbow, cunning and sublime” and offers to pay for Jessa's schooling.
  • The end of The Panic In Central Park where after leaving Desi, Marnie heads over to Hannah's apartment and sleeps there with Fran and Hannah, the acknowledgement and welcome Hannah gives is sweet.
  • Homeward Bound
    • The end when Hannah, after hitching a ride from guy who left his abusive girlfriend, is driving into New York with him. He starts getting this amazing, gleeful, and awed look on his face and starts proclaiming he'll make a new life there and she, smiling and likely seeing the same enthusiasm she had when she moved there, sincerely states he'll love it and there is a lot of good pizza.
    • Adam with his niece Sample is just sweet.
  • Love Stories
    • Hannah has a girl to girl talk with a gal she was jealous of and even comforted her when the latter started crying about her life. They end up dancing and smoking weed together.
    • Ray and Marnie end up sleeping together.
  • I Love You Baby
    • Hermie and Shoshanna dancing together after cleaning up the cafe to "Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You" by Frankie Valli.
    • Ray accompanying Marnie to her tour, for moral support while facing Desi.
    • The look on Tad's online boyfriend's face when he sees him at his door.
    • Elijah and Loreen commiserating and joking and drinking over being alone.
  • All I Ever Wanted
    • Hannah's parents and friends are all reading her piece in the newspaper, Marnie is proud to say the least.