Heartwarming / Girl, Interrupted

  • Susanna and Lisa singing to Polly to cheer her up.
    • Made even more "awwwwww"-inducing when, after they stop, Polly is shown, considerably brightened up, quietly singing the song to herself.
  • Susanna's goodbyes to the other patients when she leaves Claymoore. Prior to that, her goodbye to Lisa.
    (Lisa is strapped down to the bed. Susanna quietly enters the room, takes out a bottle of nail polish, and starts painting Lisa's nails)
    Lisa: (silently crying) I'm not really dead.
    Susanna: I know.
    Lisa: I'm gonna miss you, Susie Q.
    Susanna: No, you're not. You're going to get out of here, and you're gonna come and see me. 'Kay?
    Lisa: (takes a deep breath and looks away, doubtful) Yeah.