Heartwarming / Ginga: Nagareboshi Gin

  • Whenever Gin risks his life to save Daisuke.
  • John, whom had been Gin's rival since episode 2, admits to Gin while they say goodbye in episode 8 that he'd felt swept away by Gin's gaze sometimes, and that he wishes him a good life, to which Gin wishes the same back to him and asks for him to look after Daisuke while he's gone.
    • Gin and John in general are a pretty heartwarming pair seeing as they went from rivals to good friends, and in Densetsu Weed we learn how they, along with Akame, went on to be Heterosexual Life-Partners for a good 10 years.
  • Gin's Imagine Spot of cuddling with his father and just be like parent and child together is both heartwarming- and wrenching at the same time, seeing as it's a dream he never gets. Because Riki is killed before they can ever get to that point.
  • Oliver the dachshund's Undying Loyalty to Cross. He's helped her fend off two bigger dogs and helps her give birth to her puppies. Big surprises really DO come in small packages!