Heartwarming / Ginga Densetsu Weed

  • Crowning Moment of Heartwarming: "Become a real dog, Teru."
  • Instead of sending Hougen's three injured generals away, Gin offers to let them relax in the hot spring he was healing in. This show of kindness makes all three dogs cry tears of shame and swear to never follow Hougen. In fact, he had known they were villains, yet he lets them in anyways. Because he's that kind and cool.
    • His kindness is even Lampshaded by the three generals.
    Gin: This hot spring will heal feelings that were hurt as well as physical damage. Now get in. No need to hesitate.
    Bat: Even after everything we've done to you...?
    Buruge: You're going to let us into the spring?
    Kite: (In awe) A leader with such a large heart...what a person you are...
  • In the Hot Springs Episode, Tesshin delivers this message to Weed: Gin says that he would always be with his son whether he was alive or not. This speech was so heartening that it resolved his son's determination to stop Hougen.
  • In the manga, Gin and Daisuke eventually has a reunion when Gin visits his old master's home. Daisuke is overjoyed and spends the day giving Gin a shower, feeding him and having him sleep in his bed at night. The entire segment just screamed of heartwarming fanservice to old Nagareboshi Gin fans.