Heartwarming / Gihrenís Greed

  • Some of the possible endings for Shin Gihren's Greed as seen in the bonus disk, along with some possibly unreleased ones. Which reveals endings like Dozle surviving and being a good father to Minerva, Hayato with Fraw and the White Base kids all grown up, Woody marring Matilda with the entire White Base crew watching, Bright and Mirai happy at their restaurant(another ending has him become President of The Federation), Revil resting in retirement, Miharu surviving and ending up with Kai, both Emma and Henken surviving the events of the Gryps Conflict and Ramba watching Char and Sayla leading Zeon together from afar with a proud look after helping them overthrow the Zabi family awww.....
  • Despite the Unfortunate Implications of Misaimed Fandom torwards Gihren's faction presented in the Zeon true ending of Blood of Zeon, seeing Shiro with Aina and Kai with Miharu makes it all the worthwhile.
  • Even among the antagonist factions, seeing Garma and Dozle Zabi lead a sympathetic Zeon side definitely counts, as at least they're still alive to do all the stuff they simply couldn't have done in the show.
  • Preventing some of the tragedies that take place throughout the Universal Century can't help but warm your heart. In Axis No Kyoui V, for example, should Ryu Jose survive the One Year War and join AEUG, Bright is overjoyed to see his old friend. Similarly, being supportive of Ginias Sahalin and his Apsalas Project allows Ginias and Norris survive the events of the 08th MS Team. Of course, Aina doesn't meet and wind up with Shiro, but at least Ginias doesn't go insane and wind up killing almost all of the Zeon personnel.
  • Cima Grahau from Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory was scapegoated as a war criminal by her commander. In 0083, she's bribed into helping the Federation cripple the Delaz Fleet, but is killed during the battle by the Albion's Gundam team. In Axis No Kyoui V, she approaches General Revil offering to join in return for amnesty. Should he agree and arrange for her forces to link up with the Federation, she praises him for being as magnanimous as she'd heard and remains loyal to the Federals from that point on.